Celebrating July 4 – US Independence Day [INFOGRAPHICS]

Celebrating July 4 – US Independence Day [INFOGRAPHICS]

July 4 is not only the day to celebrate America but also to party. Some of that fun involves safe family friendly activities but others involve alcohol and fireworks. While alcohol can be summarized as do not drink too much and do not drink ANYTHING and drive, fireworks can be a bit more tricky. In fact, you might be surprised by the risks fireworks pose not only to you and your family but even to your own pets. Check out the infographics below for information about the history of fireworks and how to keep safe while using or getting close to any fireworks. Remember to enjoy the holidays!

Celebrating July 4 – Safety Tips

We want to encourage everyone to celebrate the holiday safely. Enjoy the time with your friends and family. Most of America will be getting together over BBQ’s and pool parties. We will go to parks and parades. And we will enjoy watching amazing fireworks celebrations!

While it’s great time to spend time with your loved ones, large crowds with explosives can be a risk! We put together this small infographic with a few statistics on the 4th July, along with some helpful safety tips to ensure everyone has a safe, fun holiday.

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See tips on keeping people safe while outside in the yard, at the pool, or near fireworks. See the numbers on how many injuries are actually caused by fireworks every year. Can you guess which fireworks cause most of those injuries?

Celebrating 4th July - Safety Tips Infographic


Infographic source: Champion National Security

How To Keep Canines Safe For 4th July Fireworks

With 4th July just a days weeks away, many of us are planning BBQs and celebrations with friends and family. However, the 4th July is an especially tough holiday for the four-legged members of our family!

While it’ll come as no surprise to many owners to hear that dogs are terrified of fireworks, this fear can pose a serious threat to your dog’s safety. During holiday fireworks, some dogs end up bolting from home in fear and go missing.

Keep these tips in mind for a safe and fun 4th with your dog!

How To Keep Canines Safe For 4th July Fireworks Infographic

Infographic source: The Dogington Post

4th July Firework Facts

Fireworks are part of American culture and have been since the beginning. We celebrate with both modest backyard fireworks and extravagant, professional displays. To celebrate our nation’s independence, we’ve put together some 4th July firework facts for you to ponder.

4th July Firework Facts

Infographic source: Visual.ly, Pioneer Military Loans

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