John McCain Banned From Russia, Skips ‘Siberian Spring Break’

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There is something deliciously hilarious in the fact that John McCain’s ill-advised choice for his vice presidential running mate’s ability to “see Russia from her house” might be the closest the failed aviator and senior Senator from the backwards desert that is Arizona may get to Russia now that he’s been targeted by Vladimir Putin.

Russia travel bans

Other notables that Russia banned from Russia include House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. Along with Sen. McCain, six others made the list following further sanctions announced today by President Obama on Russian officials and Bank Rossiya which in the words of Obama, “provides material support to these individuals.”

The individuals he was referring to include Sergei Ivanov, the presidential chief of staff, Andrei Fursenko, an aide to President Vladimir Putin, Sergei Zheleznyak, a deputy speaker of the Duma, and Sergei Mironov, a leader of A Just Russia party in the Duma among others.

Barack Obama, in a statement from the White House’s South lawn, said the US was moving “to impose additional costs” on Moscow by sanctioning more senior Russian officials and “other individuals with substantial resources and influence who provide material support to the Russian leadership.”

“We are taking these steps in response to what Russia has already done in Crimea,” he said. “Nations do not redraw borders simply because they are larger and more powerful.”

However, Obama stressed that “diplomacy between the United States and Russia continues.”

Twitter to fix Crimea

In response to being hit with a travel ban, “The Speaker is proud to be included on a list of those willing to stand against Putin’s aggression,” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said in a statement.

McCain, or almost certainly one of his staff,  tweeted  “I’m proud to be sanctioned by Putin – I’ll never cease my efforts & dedication to freedom & independence of #Ukraine, which includes #Crimea”.

Additionally, John Mccain released a statement in response which showed a bit of humor. McCain stated:

“I guess this means my spring break in Siberia is off, my Gazprom stock is lost, and my secret bank account in Moscow is frozen. Nonetheless, I will never cease my efforts on behalf of the freedom, independence, and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including Crimea.”

Russia has yet to respond to the latest remarks from McCain, but do not hold your breath on this one!

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