IT Pioneer Ted Nelson Identifies Bitcoin Inventor

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Many people in the information technology industry (IT) are curious about the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of the person or team responsible for developing the electronic currency known as Bitcoin, which was launched in 2008.

IT Pioneer Ted Nelson Identifies Bitcoin Inventor

Satoshi Nakamoto the inventor of Bitcoin:

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? In a YouTube video (watch here), IT pioneer Ted Nelson discussed the possibility that the inventor of Bitcoin is a Japanese mathematics professor at Kyoto University.

Nelson compared the real person behind Satoshi Nakamoto to Isaac Newton who is an incredibly brilliant inventor capable of seeing and dealing magnificently with a huge problem and invaded recognition remarkably well.

According to him, “Most people call Bitcoin a virtual currency, but I call it electronic gold. Like gold, bitcoin has no central authority…Like gold there will always be a limited supply, and thus its value will increase, and like gold, Bitcoin is brilliant.”

Nelson said that the bitcoin inventor is none other than Prof. Shinichi Mochizuki, research professor of Mathematics at Kyoto University. He explained that he investigated the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto using a Sherlock Holmes strategy by focusing on the aspects missed by many.

The IT pioneer explained that Mochizuki just like Nakamoto has one thing in common or pattern and that is publishing through unconventional academic channels without discussing their work and leaving experts mystified.

An article published by the New Yorker said that Nakamoto is a cipher who used an untraceable e-mail address and website. He posted hundreds of writings in English that were lawless in 2009 to 2010 and invited other software developers to improve the code for the Bitcoin. In 2011, he informed one of the developers that “he moved to other things,” and since then no one heard from him.

According to Nelson, in August 2012, Prof. Mochizuki published a proof of important conjecture of Mathematics, (ABC Conjecture), and professional mathematicians gasping with his 500 pages of research detailing a new system of mathematical structure never heard of by anybody. Nelson emphasized that Mochizuki did not submit his work to mathematical journals, but posted it online, and refused to conduct a lecture about his work.

Nelson anticipated the fact that many might question Prof. Mochizuki’s ability to write using the English language because of the fact that he is Japanese. Nelson emphasized that Mochizuki’s son graduated salutatorian from Princeton University, which means he is a fine English writer. He also pointed out that the professors website is in English.

Given the facts, Nelson believed that Mochizuki is the real person behind Nakamoto, the inventor of bitcoin. “I cannot say QED to that because I have not proven it, but I have presented an existence proof that there exist a very similar man, very similar brilliance, and a very similar style lone ranger delivery of big, big stuff… My conclusion that Satoshi and Mochizuki san are the same is consistent, plausible, and I believe compelling,” said Nelson.

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