ISIS Claims It Has Shot Down U.S. Warplane, US Denies

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Journalist, Scott Campbell, has just Tweeted that the ISIS claims are false, we will update with more information shortly.

The Islamic State (ISIS), or whatever the hell you wish to call those savages, is claiming that they have shot down a U.S. military jet in the vicinity of Ain Al-Assad base west of Anbar, Iraq. This news comes from Almasador News which was monitoring the media wing of ISIS, Amaq.

That website claim is also saying that both crew members were killed. If the reports turn out to be true it will only be a matter of time before questions are raised as to what weaponry was used and if it’s possible it was American made or once belonged to either the U.S. or Iraqi military.

I don’t think that the Islamic State will have much trouble with me calling them a bunch of lying thugs, murderers and savages but the use of its media wing to make a false report is a touch surprising. For a group of misguided thugs, murderers and savages that do a great job maligning an entire religion based on its twisted beliefs, you wouldn’t thing they would resort to simple untruths when there is no question that the group has the ability to do considerably more harm as its shown with the coordinated attacks in Paris and inspired attacks in too many places to list and are becoming far and away too common.

I used to very much enjoy writing about science, space, technology and the economy on a daily basis here at ValueWalk but am too often forced to stop and shift gears to the work of these animals whether killing indiscriminate groups of Muslims in Iraq or whomever might be walking through a Turkish airport.

I have to say F*CK YOU ANIMALS!!!

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