iPhone X Features Mind-Boggling Camera Specs

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The iPhone X is on the verge of being officially revealed to the world but that hasn’t stopped the leaks from coming hard and fast. This past weekend, iOS developers around the world were eagerly digging through the iOS 11 GM leak a showing off little bits of code that revealed huge pieces of information Apple would have surely liked to keep under wraps until the launch event. One of these big leaks has been information about the iPhone X camera specs. Sure, you could wait until the big reveal for all the information. Or, you could gobble up all the info you can now. There’s sure to be plenty of surprises at the Apple event to feast your eyes upon.

One of the Twitter users that has been digging through the iPhone X information is Steve Stroughton-Smith. According to him, the iPhone X will feature dual 12-megapixel cameras on the back and a 7-megapixel shooter on the front. One of the most exciting features about these dual 12-megapixel cameras is the video shooting capabilities. According to Stroughton-Smith, the iPhone X camera will be able to shoot 4K video at 60fps and 1080p video at 240fps. How can you possibly enjoy 4K video at 60fps, you might ask? How about the new Apple TV 4K which is rumored to be able to playback 4K video at a very convenient 60fps. I love it when puzzle pieces fit together so perfectly and two separate rumors seem to help confirm each other.

In the Tweet I linked above, you will also notice that an IR camera is mentioned. This is the front-facing infrared camera that has been mentioned a lot throughout the summer. FaceID is going to be Apple’s new face scanning technology that aims to replace the functionality of TouchID. Users will be able to scan their face in order to unlock their device, authorize Apple Pay purchases, and access secure apps. This feature might come in handy considering the new design of the iPhone X which removes the home button in favor of a bezel-less OLED display. I doubt TouchID is gone completely but it’s not immediately clear where Apple has moved the TouchID fingerprint sensor. If the IR camera does a good enough job, we might not even care what happens to TouchID.

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If these specs turn out to be true, the iPhone X camera may be the best smartphone camera on the market. The video shooting specs outpace the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is currently king of the smartphone camera world. Of course, camera software is often what sets comparable cameras apart. Apple has always had great software to go with their camera modules and the iPhone X camera will likely follow the trend. Last year, Apple introduced us to Portrait Mode in the iPhone 7 Plus. This year, the focus will likely be on 4K video and augmented reality. Apple has made no secret of their plan to be the best AR offering on the market. Tim Cook has mentioned it in earnings calls and there is an ARKit built right into iOS 11. AR is coming and Apple wants to be the king of the AR market. With the rumored iPhone X camera specs they definitely have the right hardware ready to go.

I’m excited to see an iPhone X camera display on stage during the reveal. Most smartphones these days have great specs when it comes to chips and RAM. Android and iOS are both great operating systems at this point in their respective lifespans. Camera features and performance is often the ultimate difference between smartphones these days and Apple has a chance to make their case to the world on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

Of course, if you’re a dedicated Android user and the iPhone X doesn’t get you excited, there will still be plenty to see during Apple’s launch event. The Apple TV 4K will likely appeal to a lot of tech fans who want to see where the future of set top boxes is going. Whether you plan on spending $900 or more on an iPhone X or not; tomorrow will be a big day for tech fans around the world.

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