Users Report Major iPhone X / 8 Camera Flash Problems In Cold Weather

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It appears as if all three of Apple’s new phones are dealing with a rather major issue, with many user reports of iPhone camera flash problems in cold weather.

It’s a rather bizarre occurrence and it’s clearly a hardware issue that may be difficult to address, but it appears as if a number of users are experiencing iPhone camera flash problems in cold weather. While the iPhone is only rated to work without a hitch between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, these problems are occurring when it’s a good amount warmer than that, with some people reporting iPhone camera flash problems on a regular, chilly day.

The iPhone camera flash problems aren’t necessarily a new revelation, but Apple has generally been pretty quiet regarding these problems until recently. Several people online reported that they had been offered replacements, but the new phones were dealing with the same iPhone camera flash problems – indicating that it’s an issue with the overall iPhone manufacturing itself rather than with specific devices.

There’s no telling exactly how widespread this problem is, but Piunikaweb reports that there’s a single thread on the official Apple Forum with over 1000 entries from the “I have this question too” button, indicating that there’s a significant population dealing with the iPhone camera flash problems.

Multiple reports around the web seem to suggest that this problem persists despite a recent patch, and while Apple is aware of the problem, there may not be an easy fix.

“I have the same problem. Does anybody know if it’s hardware or software issue? I can’t believe Apple doesn’t acknowledge this problem at all. They just send us link with acceptable operating temperatures for iphone to work fine, and that’s all. But clearly that is not the problem here, since people have these problems when using their phones in temperatures above 0 celsius, and slightly below 0 celsius.”

“Yeah, 37 degrees F and trying to take a picture of my broken car to show insurance. Really ***** I’ll have to wait until daytime and go to the tow yard to take a picture of the car for insurance. My 6S Plus took pics like this all day long. Ridiculous. Apple make this work! I’m inside your precious operating specifications.”

“Has anyone found a fix to this problem yet? Mine wont work slightly below, around, or even slightly above zero. I cant believe Apple isn’t doing anything to solve this problem, its so frustrating.”

Apple hasn’t come forward with any sort of official statement regarding the iPhone camera flash problems, and that’s unfortunate considering how many people are dealing with these issues on brand new phones. In all seriousness, it’s likely that the company isn’t really able to do very much about the problem without a whole new line of iPhones being manufactured. Apple certainly isn’t alone in having problems with new flagships, and there are bound to be problems with hundreds of millions of people using brand new phones, but the iPhone camera flash problems are a major issue that seriously hampers the ability to take photos in low lighting conditions. Fingers crossed that we find a solution to this issue sooner rather than later.

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