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iPhone 8 Will Be Better Than The Galaxy S8: Here’s Why

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While many speed tests are showing that the Galaxy S8 is slower than last year’s iPhone 7 Plus. People are still hailing Samsung’s device as one that breaks through barriers, thanks to its superior display, gorgeous design, and decent specs. However, will it be able to maintain this praise in the light of a future iPhone 8 release? We’re going to take a look at some reasons why, Apple’s 10th-anniversary device, may tip the scales.

iPhone 8 vs galaxy s8

iPhone 8 Vs. Galaxy S8

There’s no doubt that the Galaxy S8 and the larger S8 Plus are right now the King’s of smartphone design and features. However, Apple, it is expected, will not rest on in laurels this year. No, with 2017 being the 10th-anniversarry of the 1st iPhone launch, it is widely rumored, that the Cupertino-based company will launch something exciting.

The problem, however, is, Apple likes to keep its handset information close to its chest. So, there is absolutely no official confirmed information to go on. Although, what rumors we have seen, and supposed insider information, from those close to Apple or its manufacturing partners. Has led us to believe, the iPhone 8 will be a formidable smartphone. One that will have a similar design to that of the Galaxy S8 with minimal bezels, and ultra-high definition display.

As for its launch date, at the earliest that will be in September, or if you believe the rumors, October or November. Which mean, Apple has a fair amount of time get it right and deliver an iPhone 8 that can beat the S8.

The following are the areas, in which we think, according to those rumors and insiders leaks the iPhone 8 will win.

Augmented Reality

While Samsung and others focus on virtual reality headset compatibility, rumors suggest Apple will focus on Augmented reality. Apparently, this will help set it apart from VR smartphones, and enable it to focus on those who loved the experience that Pokemon Go brought. This approach could be the best alternative to VR for those who want a less intrusive gaming experience. Instead of strapping a headset to their faces, instead, they would use the iPhone 8 to overlay AR onto real-world objects.

The problem here for Apple, however, is that right now AR is compatible with most if not all smartphones. No, particular headset specific app is required, and the tech pretty much the same across platforms too. So, what it will have to do to make this win for the iPhone 8. Is offer something different with AR, something that will/can’t be copied across to the Galaxy S8.

Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S8 is a capable piece of technology; however, it was first billed to be on/in the display. As for the reasons why it isn’t, that’s down to Samsung‘s inability to solve technical issues. As such, it had to be placed on the rear of the handset, but, one huge negative of this is where it’s placed. And that is right next to the camera lens, which, unfortunately, means, users will always be smudging that lens with their finger.

As for Apple’s approach, rumors are suggesting, it with its partners, has solved the on/in screen issues. Meaning that it could appear onscreen in the iPhone 8, via a new function area. As the first-of-its-kind, this function area will contain Touch ID along with buttons which react to what’s on screen.

Best smartphones galaxy S8

Wireless Charging

Is Foxconn testing and manufacturing wireless charging modules for the iPhone 8? Late last year, the Nikkei Asian Review reported that the company was indeed doing so. The aim is to produce a technology that could charge the iPhone 8 without it being placed on a mat. If accurate, this would mean, unlike Samsung which uses inductive technology in the Galaxy S8. The 10th-anniversary iPhone would be the world leader if this tech is ultimately adopted.

Battery Life

While Samsung has had its problems with battery technology, it has incorporated what seems like a stable device into the Galaxy S8. This year the company chose not to leave final testing to partners; instead, it undertook a new, radical approach to testing. Which means while the S8’s may have batteries with lower capacities than expected. Overall, they are superior due to better software management, and as such, last as long, if not longer.

As for the iPhone 8, it’s rumored that Apple wants to build upon the excellent battery performance of the iPhone 7 Plus. As such, it apparently, it working towards producing its very first handset, that could push beyond 12-hours usage.


Unfortunately, for Galaxy S8 owners, the camera’s included in this year’s devices are little more than we saw last year. In fact, even last years dual-senor setup on the back of the 7 Plus beats it. Meaning that the iPhone 8 will surely best the S8 camera via both megapixels and optical image stabilization on the second lens. This would mean the iPhone 8 camera would produce better quality photos and video. Plus its zoom quality would be far superior. However, it’s thought low-light capabilities will be the real gain.

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