Prices For iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Pro [RUMORED]

Prices For iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Pro [RUMORED]
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As the launch of the new iPhone approaches, an unsubstantiated leak has emerged from China with what appears to be the new prices for the latest Apple smartphones.

Prices For iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Pro [RUMORED]

More Choice

The leak appeared on Weibo, the Chinese microblogging site, via PocketNow, and purporting to come from a Chinese supply chain company dealing with the new iPhones. It has suggested that prices will remain roughly the same for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus compared to the equivalent phones as part of the 6S range.

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It appears there will be greater choice of phones too, with Apple offering not only the 7, and the 7 Plus, but also a new premium iPhone called the ‘Pro’.

Each version of the phone will come with three different levels of storage capacity. Assuming the rumors are true, it appears there will be a new 256GB version, which is good news for all the photo fanatics out there. This will be available on all models.

It looks like the 16GB version will be dispensed with completely and the lowest capacity for all devices will be 32GB. The iPhone 7 will have a middle option of 64GB, whereas the Plus and Pro will have an intermediary capacity level of 128GB.

The rumored prices – (yet to be confirmed!)

These prices have been converted into US$ using todays exchange rate from Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY), and rounded to the nearest $5.

iPhone 7

32GB – c. $800

64GB – c. $925

256GB – c. $1080

iPhone 7 Plus

32GB – c. $925

128GB – c. $1050

256GB – c. $1200

iPhone 7 Pro

32GB c. $1080

64GB c. $1200

258GB c. $1350

As said these prices were converted from Chinese prices. These original prices were probably meant for the Chinese market as they all featured a lot of 8’s (for instance the iPhone 7 Pro 258GB is CNY8888). The number is considered very lucky in China, as it has a very similar sound to the word for ‘prosperity’.

Apple has traditionally kept the prices the same for each iteration of the iPhone. As the technology improves and new features appear, generally the phone costs the same, and older versions become cheaper.

This appears to be the case here, as the iPhone 7 is priced the same as the older iPhone 6s (apart from the top version which we assume is going from 128GB to 258GB and will cost $15 more).

The same is true of the iPhone 7 Plus which has the same price points as the iPhone 6S Plus (again excluding the 258GB version which is $30 more expensive than the older, 128GB device).

iPhone 7 Pro – a new member of the family

The Pro model is obviously a new step for Apple. From the prices above, it seems they have added about $150 premium to the price of the Plus version.

It is still unconfirmed what the differences between the Plus and Pro will be, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from speculating.

It is thought that the Pro version may have a dual camera on the back, which gives better zoom capabilities. Also, photos have leaked, again unconfirmed, that the Pro version may contain a Smart Connector port.

If all this information is legitimate, and at the moment that is still a big ‘if’, then those rushing to buy their new phone will be presented with a lot of options.

Three different phones, with three different storage levels, that is already nine different phones (and prices) and this before you start to factor in different color options, it really is a lot to choose from.

Apple are clearly keen to give us options so that there is an ideal phone for everyone.

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