iPhone 7 Headphone Jack: How To Get It Back

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Are you an iPhone 7 owner, or have you forgone Apple’s latest model due to its lack of a headphone jack? Whichever category you fall into, if the lack of a headphone jack has your head in a spin, here’s some good news. There’s a way for you to have your beloved iPhone 7 headphone jack.

How is it possible to have an iPhone 7 headphone jack?

If the lack of a headphone jack is giving you sleepless nights, have you not used the adapter provided by Apple? However, if that’s just not good enough, a Reddit user who calls himself DungJohnson recently posted images of a prototype case which concocts an iPhone 7 headphone jack. It also provides a second Lightning port.

Called the Daptr case, the added functionality it brings comes in the form of metal sides and a raised bumper. There’s also a clear plastic rear which adds four-fifths of an inch to the length of the iPhone 7. All of these parts encase your handset, and the case is described as lightweight and versatile by its creator. The case is about 3mm thick, which means it would bring your iPhone 7 up from 7.1mm to 10.1mm in width, and for length, it’s thought a 22mm increase is likely.

iPhone 7 headphone jack that works via Bluetooth

So that’s how you can get the headphone jack back, but how does this tech work? It’s not like it’s possible to drill a hole into your handset, as some suggest. According to the Daptr website, the prototype case has been put together using modified electronics from an iPhone 6. As for how connecting a set of headphones to its 3.5mm audio port will result in music to your ears, it’s probably going to do this using Bluetooth, which is going to be a drain on your battery.

front view daptr case for iPhone 7 headphone jack
Image Source: daptr.com

When can you have your iPhone 7 headphone jack?

Apparently the first commercial version of the case will be available by December. However, the creator is not 100% sure whether to go down the Kickstarter route before launching.

If the case does go straight to market, information on the website suggests it will sell for around $49. So, what do you think? With this case bringing back the iPhone 7 headphone jack, will Apple take notice and bring back the aging tech for the iPhone 8?

iPhone 7 headphone jack and the future

Apple said it cast aside the headphone jack because it was a brave thing to do, and while many agreed that it needed to go, many saw this as a cover for a cash creating exercise–something that would open a new revenue stream for Apple in the form of Bluetooth earpods.

However, the same could be said for the Daptr case. Isn’t its creator jumping on the bandwagon created by Apple, for which they could both rake in some cash?

Let us know what you think of this headphone jack solution in the comments below.

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