iPhone 7 And Galaxy S7: Two New Phones To Look Forward To

iPhone 7 And Galaxy S7: Two New Phones To Look Forward To
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Both the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 are probably more than a year away, but Samsung and Apple are currently moving their chess pieces into position in order to prepare for the release of these flagship devices.

iPhone 7 And Galaxy S7: Two New Phones To Look Forward To

iPhone 7 rumors

It looks increasingly certain that Apple will delay the revolutionary iPhone 7 until 2016, as the corporation works hard internally on producing outstanding new features for the smartphone. And some of the rumors which have already been attributed to the new iPhone at 7 will be exciting for potential consumers.

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A recent patent which gives clues about functionality in the iPhone 7 suggests that it might embrace voice unlocking. The patent application which has been picked up by Apple-following media enables the consumer electronics giant to utilize voice recognition in order to unlock a mobile device.

This may be viewed by some sceptics as something of a gimmick, and this is a valid argument. But the voice activation of technology is becoming increasingly popular, with both the Microsoft video games console, the Xbox One, and Amazon’s TV service embracing this in recent months and years. It is also seemingly intended to be a feature which provides additional security to iPhone users.

In addition to the voice unlocking technology, it has also been suggested that Apple will update its fingerprint ID sensor with the iPhone 7 in order to make it easier to unlock the device. There are also suggestions that this could provide extra security, and biometrics are likely to become an increasing part of smartphone functionality in the foreseeable future. This is exactly the sort of vogueish innovation that Apple likes to include in his products when possible.

iPhone 7 to feature dual cameras

There have also been rumors suggesting in the last couple of days that the iPhone 7 may sport dual cameras. This is the latest in a long line of murmurings related to the iPhone 7 camera; it certainly seems based on media speculation related to this topic that the iPhone 7 camera will be an outstanding unit.

Apple has recently applied for a patent which will enable it to fix two cameras to the rear of any iPhone unit. According to the text of the patents, one of the two cameras would have a telephoto lens, while the other would feature a more standardized lens. This is a step up from the other frequent rumor which has been linked to the iPhone 7, that Apple would fit the device with a dual-lens snapper.

Although this would be an innovation for Apple, it wouldn’t be the first smartphone to appear on the market with two cameras on the rear of the device. HTC has previously included two rear cameras on its One M78 smartphone. It would be a unique approach for the iPhone series, though.

Other iPhone 7 rumors

Aside from this new gossip, there have already been a raft of suggestions regarding functionality that Apple might include in the iPhone 7. One central concept is that Apple will use a revolutionary and state of the art new aluminum substance in order to prevent any more negative ‘bendgate’ headlines.

Other possibilities include the idea that Apple will arm the phablet version of the smartphone with a 4K resolution display, and have a quad HD smartphone-sized iPhone 7. This might be slightly fanciful, and it could be more realistic to expect a quad HD phablet and a full HD smartphone.

A curved screen iPhone 7 should definitely be expected, while a 4-inch model of the device also looks increasingly likely. The iPhone 7 will also likely embrace the Force Touch feature which has recently appeared in the Apple Watch, and sapphire glass may also finally make the transition to the iPhone series having also featuring in its inaugural smartwatch.

Galaxy S7 rumors

Perhaps reflecting the fact that the Galaxy S series has rather slumped to a secondary status in the past year or so, there are less rumours related to the flagships Samsung smartphone at the time of writing. But one interesting aspect of this forthcoming handset which came to light in the last 24 hours is a concept image of what the Galaxy S7 might look like when it is released.

iPhone 7 And Galaxy S7: Two New Phones To Look Forward To

Mesut G. Designs suggest that a bezel-less design without a physical home button could be a possibility. If this is the case, then the front panel of the Galaxy S7 will consist almost entirely of the screen display itself. This really does look like a rather unique design, and it would enable Samsung to either increase the size of its already hefty screen still further, or at least deliver the same size of screen with a much lighter, smaller and slimmer overall unit.

Galaxy S7 specs

Specifications being linked with the Galaxy S7 are already extremely impressive. Samsung has made a name for itself by packing its handsets with incredible spec, and the Galaxy S7 is certainly likely to continue this trend based on current analyst speculation. This could perhaps be viewed as a necessity considering that the iPhone 7 will possibly launch in a matter of weeks after the release of the Galaxy S7, depending on Apple’s intentions with regard to its flagship release.

Thus, you might see the Galaxy S7 featuring as much as 6 GB of RAM, and incredible 4K super AMOLED display, and a genuine octa-core processor with 3GHz clock speed. The main camera of the device could be pumped up to 21-megapixels, and Samsung will be working on a design based around metallic and glass elements. Samsung is also currently developing custom CPU cores code-named Mongoose which could feature, and the device will certainly be based around Samsung’s own proprietary Exynos technology.

Finally, Samsung will place a much greater emphasis with this generation of the Galaxy S series on its curved screen technology. There have already been suggestions that Samsung will vastly increase the number of curved screen Galaxy S7 devices available compared to previous smartphone releases.

Preparations are already being made for two spectacular smartphone releases at some point next year, and it seems certain that the biggest beneficiaries of this will be the smartphone-buying public.

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