iPhone 6 Plus Users Report Crashing Issues

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The hype around the bendgate is over. Now, some iPhone 6 Plus users have been facing crashing issues. It’s still unclear how many users are affected by identical crashing problems. But a thread in Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Support Communities forum has received 62 comments and over 9,200 views. Users said that their new iPhone 6 Plus crashes inexplicably or enters a loop where the device continuously reboots.

128GB iPhone 6 Plus the most affected

What causes the phone to crash is yet to be discovered. However, users have identified some common traits. For instances, the issue occurs mostly in 128GB iPhone 6 Plus. Users reporting such problems had more than 700 apps installed on their devices. Further, the phone crashes even without any user interaction. Some blame hardware for the issue as the latest iOS 8.1 did little to fix the issue.

Apple Insider says that it could be due to app incompatibility with the iPhone 6 Plus. But when there are thousands of apps in question, conducting tests and cross-checking results will be a daunting task. Many users facing the issue took their iPhone 6 Plus to Apple Store. Some of them received a new phone in exchange of the non-functional device, while others were given a repair ticket.

The issue is affecting only a small number of iPhone 6 Plus user

Meanwhile, a few forum members tried to find a workaround, albeit with limited success. Restoring the device and then manually re-installing each purchased app one-by-one. It’s a time-consuming process, which may not work for all. Some members said the fix lasts no more than a few minutes, and the crash cycle begins all over again.

There is one more way. Some users reported that turning on the Display Zoom feature significantly reduced the number of crashes. But it’s not a surefire way to fix the issue. The problem isn’t widespread as it is affecting only a small number of users. Apple hasn’t yet commented on the matter.

Apple shares jumped 1.79% to close Thursday at $104.83.

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