iPhone 5S: Possible Leaked Images

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The iPhone 5 hasn’t even been out for three months and now people are already speculating what the iPhone 5S will be like. Nowhereelse.fr (French tech website) spotted possible photos of what could be the iPhone 5S on a forum from iPhone5parts.net.

 iPhone 5S: Possible Leaked Images

The images show a device that looks a lot like the iPhone 5. In fact, the back of the device looks just like sixth generation smartphone and couldn’t be differentiated if it wasn’t for the x. Once you take a look at the inside of the phone, you will notice that there are a few small differences, one of which is the placement of the screws.

Rumors regarding the next generation of iPhones are already starting to pick up, although many are speculating that it will be just a small upgrade from the previous generation, as most of the changes will be on the inside of the device.  I predict next spring, the rumors will pick up even further until Apple finally announces their next big smartphone, which will probably happen during the late summer or early fall.

It’s kind of strange that there is already a lot of anticipation for the next iPhone when it hasn’t been that long since Apple finally released their latest phone. Although the supposed leaked images are nothing to sneeze at, it’s certainly nothing to get excited over just yet. I have no doubt that Apple has big plans for their next phone, but they will need to change it up a bit, especially since they’ve got a lot of competition with the likes of Samsung. It’s no secret that Apple is a brand that doesn’t need a lot to sell their products, but that doesn’t mean their successful recipe doesn’t need to evolve every so often.

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