iPhone 5 To Have Both 3G and 4G Capabilities: Analyst

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iPhone 5 To Have Both 3G and 4G Capabilities: Analyst
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The latest iPhone rumor indicates that the new iPhone 5 will be a truly global smartphone.

Tech analyst Shaw Wu thinks the sixth generation phone will feature a slightly larger screen and 4G LTE support. More importantly, Apple  has plans to make this next generation even more appealing to Chinese customer bases. He also suggested that Apple will work with China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA 3G Network.

China Mobile and China Unicorn have been testing 4G LTE but right now it’s still in the early phases, so they need to stick with 3G. iOS 6 has also made some significant improvements to improve the tech support offered in China. They gave Siri the ability to speak and comprehend both Mandarin and Cantonese; provide an easier method for inputting Chinese characters; and the integration of Chinese-based services like Baidu and Youku.

It appears to be taking Apple quite awhile to perfect their iPhone for markets all across the world and that’s a good thing to do if they want to dominate the global smartphone market. Last time I checked, I haven’t heard of any of Apple’s top competitors going the extra mile to accommodate China or any other growing market for that matter. This is a prime example of why Apple is so successful: they actually take the time to research the market and go the extra mile to provide a product that people actually want. It sounds like this phone could be the best model yet!

Right now, we’re still in limbo as we have no official report regarding the iPhone 5 or when we can expect it’s arrival. Apple will probably unveil sometime in September or October, so we still got a few months to go. In the meantime, we can continue to speculate and dream of what Tim Cook(and the rest of Apple) has in store for us.

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