iPhone 5 To Feature A Smaller 19-Pin Dock Connector

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iPhone 5 To Feature A Smaller 19-Pin Dock Connector

Just as we’re nearing closer to the expected launch date of the next iPhone, we find out more about the new details of what we can expect from the next model.

The latest report comes from Reuters (from two unnamed sources), and it indicates that the iPhone 5 will feature a smaller dock connector, with 19 pins instead of the usual 24 pins.  This change should leave room for a headphone jack, which previously was on top of the phone. This report is nothing new, as we’ve heard our fair share of rumors that iPhone 5 will have a smaller dock connector. Just last May, one Apple fansite (citing sources again) described the new dock connector to be shaped kind of like a pill. The new connector is expected to be featured on all subsequent Apple devices starting with iPhone 5.

Despite the numerous reports indicating this as true, this is still considered a rumor, and Apple has yet to make a confirmation either way.  If this rumor turns out to be true, Apple would need to make an adapter because many of the  current accessories wouldn’t fit the new model.

Another Apple-related rumor involves the design of leaked third-party iPhone 5 cases. One new case in particular, shows it would fit a redesigned model with a four-inch screen and a headphone jack on the bottom. Of course, the store that sold these new cases, admitted that these were not guaranteed the fit the sixth generation iPhone. A year ago, some third-party phone case designers thought they were ahead of the game by creating new iPhone cases for a redesigned model that never came to be.  It sounds like everyone is hoping for an iPhone makeover. Whether or not that actually happens, still remains to be seen.

Obviously, I have no way to predict the future, but it really sounds like there is something buzzing from Apple. Everyone is talking about a new design for the iPhone 5, and let’s face it, they are really overdo for one. The only thing that I hope doesn’t change on the these phones, is the size of the dock connector.  Nobody wants to buy brand new accessories for an upgraded phone, and this could end up hurting them in the long run.

On a brighter note, a new design for the iPhone could really be just what Apple needs to shake up their competition.  Everyone knows the iPhone, and they generally expect the same things with a few significant changes, but eventually people are going to want something that looks and feels different, even if it’s just a novelty effect.

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