iPhone 5 Is Expected To Lead The Smartphone Market In 2013

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iPhone 5 Is Expected To Lead The Smartphone Market In 2013

The iPhone 5 has yet to be introduced to the public but one analyst already predicts that the sixth generation Apple phone will take the lead next year in 2013.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) analyst Mark Moskowitz recently claimed, “We think that a combination of revolutionary hardware enhancements and software-driven services (i.e., Passbook, Maps, FaceTime over cellular) stand to reaffirm the iPhone as the leading smartphone in 2013.”

Getting won’t be a smooth ride for Apple. Moskowitz slightly cut-back the calendar year second quarter sales and estimated earnings based on significant macroeconomic challenges. It’s reported that hardware vendors are expected to go through some rough times which will in turn impact tech makers like Apple.

JPMorgan also lowered their expectations of  revenues from iPhone sales in the third quarter. This shouldn’t warrant any concern though as sales usually take a dip prior to the expected launch. Most people already own iPhone and those who want to purchase their first, they’re patiently waiting for the iPhone. The financial company predicts there will be a big turn-around during the 4th quarter after the iPhone 5 is released.

On Friday, it will be the iPhone’s 5th anniversary. It’s important to note that this phone completely changed the cell phone market. The traditional cell phone was initially created just to take and make phone calls on the go; soon enough mobile phone makers started to turn phones into multi-purpose entertainment gadgets that let users surf the net, take and email photos, play games, and store MP3 files for music on the go. Apple took that concept a little further by merging their popular iPod with a phone that would do just about everything utilizing various mobile applications. The first generation sold one million of them in the first seventy-four days despite the initial doubts from critics. Since then, Apple has never failed to amaze with subsequent iPhone models.

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