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iPad Pro Users Reporting Screen Freeze Problems

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Just one week after the release of the iPad Pro, it seems that owners of the device are already experiencing problems. This is the sort of teething trouble that can be anticipated with any new form of consumer electronics, but it is nonetheless frustrating for both Apple and purchases of the device.

iPad Pro screen freeze

The problem which has been discussed on such forums as Reddit and the Apple Support Communities website relates to the screen of the device. When consumers plug in their iPad Pro tablets, numerous units are becoming unresponsive, and cannot be operated without a hard reset in order to turn them back on. This seems to be a charger-related issue, as if the charger is not immediately removed it seems that the screen of the iPad Pro goes black.

Often the battle with consumer electronics faults is encouraging the manufacturer to concede that there is a problem, and this has now been achieved. Apple has acknowledged that there is indeed a fault with the iPad Pro display, and technicians from the corporation are investigating the issue. It is hoped that there will be a solution to the problem in due course, but in the meantime Apple has at least released a workaround.

On the support website of the consumer electronics giant, Apple has posted instructions on how to deal with this problem. Apple describes the issue with the iPad brown as unit failing to “respond when you press buttons or tap on the screen, and the screen is black.” Apple suggests forcing a reset of the tablets by “pressing and holding both the Sleep / Wake and Home buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.” This will be considered a frustrating solution by many users, as it naturally doesn’t really address the source of the problem.

All models affected

According to anecdotal evidence, both the 32 GB and 128 GB models of the iPad Pro are affected by this issue. This covers both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular versions of the tablet running on iOS 9.1, and it seems that there is no version of the iPad Pro that is immune from difficulties. Apple could certainly have done without this problem, considering that the iPad Pro only launched just over a week ago, but the consumer electronics giant is likely to find a solution to the problem fairly quickly.

The iPad Pro was rumored for over a year prior to its eventual arrival on the marketplace, and it is a critical device for Apple considering that it occupies a unique place in the market. The iPad Pro is viewed as a productivity device to rival desktop computers, hence the Pro part of its name intended to indicate its suitability for professional people and businesses.

This larger iPad is intended to make multitasking viable for tablet computers, providing the ability to run two pieces of software side-by-side. This was a new concept for the iPad series; a tablet device that enables consumers to be productive as well as consuming content. With Apple having already promised the city that it would attempt to create new product niches, it seems that the iPad Pro neatly fits into this category. Sales of the device will be extremely important for Apple going forward, and thus the corporation would wish to avoid as much bad publicity as possible with regard to this screen issue.

Although the display problem for the iPad Pro is somewhat irksome for Apple, it is certainly not the first time that the consumer electronics giant has experienced major difficulties with one of its product lines. Even casual followers of the smartphone marketplace will remember Bendgate, which generated major headlines last year. This passed without having a seriously detrimental impact on the iPhone range, so Apple will hope that this pattern is repeated with ‘screengate’.

Meanwhile, the early days of the iPad Pro have seen the device received pretty well by consumers and the critical community alike. Perhaps the greatest achievement of Apple with the iPad Pro is to ensure that this extremely powerful device weighs roughly the same amount as the original iPad, despite being significantly larger. At just 713 g, the iPad Pro feels extremely light for its size, and is already considered one of the coolest devices that Apple has ever released.

Screen strengths

One aspect of the device that has been particularly strongly praised, and perhaps a surprising one considering the nature of tablet computers, is the quad-speaker system included in the iPad Pro. With Apple having placed a speaker in each corner of the iPad Pro unit, it is possible for the tablet to automatically emit stereo sound regardless of the way that consumers hold the device. This is a nifty piece of innovation, and the sound quality that the speaker system produces has also been particularly praised.

Despite the problems that Apple has experienced with the display of the iPad Pro, it nevertheless still possesses an outstanding screen. At 12.9-inches, it is significantly larger than the 12-inch MacBook Air and also Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. This feeds into the idea that Apple wish for the iPad Pro to be used by some consumers as a laptop-like device. The outstanding resolution of 2,732 x 2,048 pixels ensures fantastic image quality, but Apple has also diligently ensured that applications are optimized appropriately for screen resolutions that suit their particular functionality.

It is extremely evident that the physical display of the iPad Pro produces images of incredible sharpness. At normal viewing distances it is indeed impossible to see pixelation, which reflects extremely favorably on this productive tablet computer.

So although Apple has had to deal with a few difficulties with relation to the screen of the iPad Pro, in general terms it has been a well-received and successful device for the corporation. Apple has yet to release a definitive solution to the screen freezing issue, but one should be imminent as engineers continue to beaver away to solve the problem.

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