Three New Apple Ads Claim iPad Pro Is Better Than Laptops

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Apple released a few ads earlier this month, focusing on how the Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro have revolutionized the way people take notes. The ads also showed how the company replaced pads of paper, scanners and laptops with just an iPad. Now, the tech giant has pushed out three new ads for its iPad Pro.

Apple continues to use Twitter-based ad campaign

Apple has been using Twitter-based ad campaigns since last month, and the three videos which were released last evening are based on the same concept. Such ads are lighthearted and poke fun at PC users. The iPhone maker is also said to be moving towards regional ads targeting specific demographics rather than the global campaigns it has been known for.

In Apple’s latest Twitter-based ad campaign, people are mostly complaining about the issues that, according to the tech giant, can be fixed with an iPad Pro. The tweets used for the ad video are from real people, but actors are used in the video to do the voice-overs and hold up signs, notes MacRumors.

The three new ads mostly emphasize the iPad Pro’s design, versatility and battery life. The tagline of the campaign is “Real problems… answered.” The videos are only 15 seconds in length, an ideal size for clips posted on a social media platform like Twitter.

Why the iPad Pro is better than laptops/computers

The first video features a tweet reading, “My laptop weighs five million tons,” and then it underlines the problems related to the size of a laptop or a PC. The tech giant then touts the iPad Pro as light and thin. Further, the ad touts the iPad Pro’s ability to run important apps like Excel and PowerPoint.

The tagline of the first ad says, “Real problems…answered. Your computer could be light and powerful, if your computer was an iPad Pro.”

The tagline of the second ad says computers could now be textbooks, notebooks, and more, if their computer were an iPad Pro. Just from the tagline, we understand what the iPhone maker is trying to apply here.

The second ad is called “All your school stuff,” and it shows how an iPad Pro can be used by students for writing assignments, doing projects, etc. The ad displays a tweet from a student who says that she cannot get any work done in her dorm room. Apple then comes to the rescue with an iPad Pro, saying that it can hold her textbooks and notes so she can study just about anywhere.

The third and the last video is about the most common problem that laptop users have: battery life. It showcases a tweet complaining about how the user’s laptop’s battery died halfway during a flight. The ad then touts the iPad Pro by saying that a computer’s battery could last all day if it were an iPad Pro.

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