iPad Pro 3: The Ultimate Wish List For The Apple Tablet

Feb 8, 2018 UPDATE – The tablet market has definitely receded significantly over the last few years, which will mean that the iPad Pro 3 is released into a challenging climate.

Apple’s own policies have reflected the extent to which tablet growth has died out, with the consumer electronics giant having opted against releasing any iPad Mini over the last two years.

With the tablet space struggling to attract new consumers, Apple has concentrated its efforts on iPad Pro computers in recent iterations.

iPad Pro 3 Release Date
Image Source: Benjamin Geskin | Twitter: @VenyaGeskin1

With a 10.5-inch iPad Pro having hit the stores back in June of last year, Apple once more indicated its commitment to this high-spec tablet.

And this means that the likelihood of an iPad Pro 3 release in 2018 is elevated, with some of the most prominent industry analysts already talking about the features to be included in this release.