iPad Pro 3, MacBook Air 2018, And HomePod 2 Rumored For 2018 Release

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A report that came out today suggests that we’ll see new, less expensive Apple devices such as an iPad Pro 3, MacBook Air 2018, and HomePod 2.

While this report is far from confirmed, the sources believe that we’ll see a MacBook Air 2018 and HomePod 2 at lower prices than they currently cost, with a second report mentioning a rumor that Apple will unveil the iPad Pro 3 at WWDC in June.

MacBook Air 2018

Economic Daily reports that Apple will launch less expensive versions of some of their current products, with the next generation MacBook Air 2018 expected to cost between $799 and $899. While that’s still very expensive for the average buyer, it’s considerably more accessible than it was previously. With a cheaper MacBook Air 2018, it’s possible that Apple will see considerably more sales of a product that has always failed to come close to the sales of their more popular iPhones.

HomePod 2

Additionally, we should see a HomePod 2 that is less expensive as well. While Apple’s philosophy with the HomePod was to provide a high-end speaker with superior audio quality when compared to competitors, testing found that it didn’t perform all that much better than products from existing smart speaker companies like Google and Amazon. With a cheaper price for the HomePod 2, Apple may be able to convince more people to give their speakers a try. They made be fighting an uphill battle, however, as the device is only compatible with Apple products. There’s a significant population that uses iPhones, but alienating Android users will severely limit the appeal of a HomePod 2. Still, Apple’s efforts to lock down their ecosystem and provide a standardized experience across all of their devices has proven to pay off, so maybe we’ll see a HomePod 2 that performs better than expected. A price that is less expensive than the $349 demanded for the HomePod may make it a more convincing buy for those who were on the edge as to whether to give Apple’s excellent smart speaker a try.

iPad Pro 3

The iPad Pro 3 may also make an appearance during the June WWDC event, with the FaceID functionality from the iPhone X featured prominently. Although the iPhone X fell short of expected sales numbers, the FaceID proved to be incredibly popular – making the iPhone X the fastest selling iPhone in history. Apple is set to release three new phones with their next generation, all of which are expected to feature Face ID, and it appears as if they’re bringing the unique feature into other products as well – such as the iPad Pro 3. While the iPad Pro 3 may not be discounted to the extent that the MacBook Air 2018 and the HomePod 2 are, it should still boast significant sales numbers due to the inclusion of the FaceID technology that has proven to be so successful at convincing users to buy. As one of the most convenient and secure facial recognition technologies on a mobile device, the ability of the FaceID to adapt to changes in appearance and reliably unlock a phone without any input from the user has proven quite popular.

We’ll have to wait and see in the next few months whether these reports are true or if they’re just another one of the many unreliable rumors regarding Apple’s upcoming releases.

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