iPad Air 2 And iPad Mini 3 – Release Date, Specs

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The idea of a computer without a keyboard that doesn’t multitask doesn’t sound like a particularly attractive concept. This is perhaps why many companies didn’t take the idea of the tablet computer particularly seriously at first. Luckily for Apple, it certainly did, and its iPad range has become the market leader by some distance, shifting over 200 million units in its lifecycle thus far.

However, although Apple has clearly established itself as the tablet competing market leader, and evidence exists which suggests that this has been the fastest growing form of technology in consumer electronics history, the tablet market has been at slowing down lately. Sales of the iPad tablet fell by nearly 20 percent in the last financial quarter, and Apple has already recognized that its range of portable computers needs a shot in the arm to recapture the public’s imagination.

In line with this, Apple is currently working on some forthcoming tablet releases. And a lot will be expected from both the analyst community and city alike when the iPad Air 2 hits the stores. In addition to this important tablet release, Apple is also reportedly working on an update to its iPad Mini device. This would be the third generation of this particular tablet, and the two releases together would represent a virtual reboot of the iPad range.

At the time of writing, Apple has released a few details regarding what we can expect from these particular devices. But a fair bit has leaked out, and the prolific Apple following community has already gleaned a fair bit of information about these important and exciting tablet releases.

iPad Air 2 And iPad Mini 3: Release date

In terms of the release date of the two devices, it has been strongly indicated that Apple will refresh the iPad series at some point during the current calendar year. However, there have been conflicting media reports suggesting that delays to the device could result in the unveiling event being pushed back. So this tablet may or may not surface at some point in the next couple of months.

It has also been suggested of late that the iPad Mini will in fact be delayed as well, and that the update of this device will come sometime in 2015, possibly in concurrence with a heavily rumoured iPad Pro. Therefore, there aren’t too many details emerging regarding the iPad Mini at this point in time, but the iPad Air 2, which could even see the light of day in the next few weeks, is a little less murky.

iPad Air 2 And iPad Mini 3 - Release Date, Specs


One might imagine that it’s rather difficult to redesign a tablet computer. And indeed the first images of the iPad Air 2 indicate that the dimensions, design, ports and buttons will be in exactly the same place as previous versions of the tablet. There is also seemingly a small microphone placed next to the rear camera in the device, but Apple apparently doesn’t feel compelled to change the iPad Air’s lightweight, thin and enjoyable handling too greatly.


The iPad Air 2 is strongly expected to feature the new A8 chipset which was made a focal point of the iPhone 6. This would make it a formidable performer and a powerful all-round device.

Aside from this rumored element of the iPad Air 2, it is also expected that the tablet computer will be fitted with a brand new Central Processing Unit, considerably more RAM than previous iterations of the iPad, and that TouchID will be implemented within this device as well. Given the potential launch date of the iPad Air 2, it is reasonable to assume that it will also encompass the existing iOS 8 software.


Sources in Korea have suggested that the display in the iPad Air to will be similar to previous iterations of the device. This would mean a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution, which is somewhat better than full HD, as provided by the iPhone 6 Plus.


Again, South Korean news agencies suggest that the camera in the iPad Air 2 will be of very similar quality to that included in the iPhone 6. This suggests that it will be an 8-megapixel snapper, but also implies that the iPad may embrace optical image stabilization.

Apple Pay

With Apple expected to include TouchID functionality in the iPad Air too, it goes without saying that Apple Pay will be a big focus of this device. Apple is generally attempting to become a major player, at the very least, in the mobile payment market, and the iPad Air 2 will unquestionably be viewed as part of this strategy.

iPad Mini

Specifications and details for the iPad Mini 3 have been extremely thin on the ground, the analysts predict that it will come fitted with TouchID as well, along with the A8 chipset and an improved camera. The iPad Mini 3 is likely to be part of a staggered three tablet release strategy from Apple, with the iPad Air 2 coming first, the Mini following early in 2015, and finally the iPad Pro sometime in the summer of 2015.

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