iOS 11.4 Update: Users Experience Netflix Login Issue

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Users around the web are reporting that there’s an iOS Netflix login issue that is making it difficult for iPhone users to watch content on the app.

While updates to technology are generally a positive thing that add a number of fixes and features, there are often some apps that don’t play well with the new firmware – and it appears as if that’s the case with everyone’s favorite video app as evidenced by the iOS Netflix login issue that many are experiencing.

Essentially, the iOS Netflix login issue causes either endless buffering or gives errors like “try again” or “Incorrect email or password” – effectively locking a number of people out of the app when attempting to access Netflix on the latest iOS update.

Included below is a tweet that shows the iOS Netflix login issue in action.

While it’s definitely frustrating that the iOS Netflix login issue is plaguing os many users, the company has come forward with a statement that they are aware of the issue and are taking steps to remedy it.

It’s safe to say that the next update to the app will address the iOS Netflix login issue, but until that point it appears as if we’re stuck with the inability to log in on iOS devices. Netflix has advised users who are experiencing the problem to watch content on another platform until the issue is resolved, which suggests that there’s very little we can do on our end in order to fix the iOS Netflix login issue.

While iOS 11.4 did cause issues with logging in on Netflix, it was all around a feature-rich update that makes it well worth the hiccup in media services for the majority of users. The introduction of the hotly anticipated Messages in iCloud feature was very much appreciated, and AirPlay 2 also made its debut which added increased functionality to this useful utility.

Hopefully Netflix can take steps to fix the login issue in their app sooner rather than later, and manages to do so before Apple moves on to another iOS operating system – a move which could very well break the application once again.

With Netflix being one of the most popular ways to watch your favorite shows, it’s definitely disappointing to get news of the iOS Netflix login issue. Most people seem to watch the content on their TVs through some sort of streaming device or other console, but the mobile market is no doubt still a notable portion of their user base. Netflix certainly has the resources to fix any issues, so let’s just hope that they take action sooner rather than later.

So long story short, make sure you’re keeping an eye on your app updates in order to expediently fix the iOS Netflix login issue and get back to watching your favorite shows and movies unimpeded.

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