iOS 9 Update Brings Key Changes Users Have Been Waiting For

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Apple has finally made the iOS 9 beta available to everyone. The beta version was made available to registered app developers last month, and now the public beta is free for all. The iPhone maker has made some significant improvements in the latest release. Bowing to users’ demands, Apple has changed the on-screen keyboard so that when you press ‘shift,’ all the letters will show in uppercase. Letters appear in lower case when ‘shift’ is off.

iOS 9 brings one of the most requested changes

Until now, users had to carefully see whether the shift key arrow is black or gray to know if they were using upper case or lower case. It was not always obvious. Users would get frustrated at the upper case typing when they wanted lower case, and vice versa. But the new iOS 9 beta for iPhones and iPads puts an end to this frustrating experience.

According to the Daily Mail, it was one of the most common modification requests by users when the iOS 7 and iOS 8 were under development. The full version of iOS 9 is set to release this fall with the new iPhone 6S. The latest beta also brings a more intelligent Siri, a ‘Nearby’ feature that lets you browse shops, restaurants, and bars nearby; and a navigation tool to search public transit routes. The Apple News app gives users latest updates from their favorite publications.

The iOS 9 beta has also introduced a new Selfies folder within the Photos app that contains all the images taken using the front camera. What’s more, Apple has added a new feature to the iOS 9 public beta that makes it a lot easier to go back to the app you were using. If you have received an email containing a link to an article. After you have read the article, simply press the “back” button at the top left of the screen to go back to the app you were using.

iOS 9 gets smarter

The iOS 9  has become much smarter. Siri Suggestions can predict what apps you want to use, who you want to talk to, and more. Swipe to the left of the home screen to access Siri Suggestions in iOS 9. These new smart features make your iPhone and iPad feel like a smart personal assistant. Apple introduced the iOs 9 at WWDC 2015. It has an installation size of just 1.8GB compared to 4.6GB of iOS 8.

When you register for the public beta using the Apple ID, you will notice a Feedback Assistant app to give feedback about the new OS.

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