iOS 6 Offers A Preview Of What iPhone 5 Screen Might Look Like

iOS 6 Offers A Preview Of What iPhone 5 Screen Might Look Like
JESHOOTS / Pixabay
iOS 6 Offers A Preview Of What iPhone 5 Screen Might Look Like
Source: Pixabay

Although Apple has yet to confirm it, many people believe that the iPhone 5 will feature a slightly taller display.  There have been multiple engineering parts from China, which indicate the phone will be slightly longer in length, but feature the same width of the current model.

Thanks to the Apple Xcode development app, 9to5 Mac was able to show us what the future iPhone 5 screen could look like.  The screen shots show what the phone could look like, with a resolution of 640 x 1136. Unlike the previous versions, this version appears to have five rows instead of four.  Another key difference to point out is the fact that Google Maps is still featured in this mock-up. Apple is going to remove their rival’s maps in favor of their own in-house three dimensional map program. Other than that minor change, nothing else appears to look much different.

Obiviously these images are mock-ups of what we might expect from the next great smartphone, but we must stress that nothing has been confirmed yet. We can’t wait to see the screenshots from the actual iPhone 5.

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I will admit that I’m a little disappointed by the mockup. I’m really hoping that Apple will surprise us and change their phone a little. It’s nice that Apple has essentially given us the same phone over and over again with minimal upgrades, but after five years it’s time for something new. Apple is known for creating innovative products and setting higher standards. Now that Samsung has a new smartphone out that’s a lot like the iPhone, it’s possible that Apple is honing in on their next great phone. Ideally, they will reinvent the phone a little bit, or maybe change the design. I know that iOS 6 seems to have promising future and that should hopefully increase the phone’s appeal.

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