iOS 10 Release in June Following A Bit Detective Work

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While hardly set in stone, a bit of snooping about by MacRumors has the website claiming that Apple will unveil iOS 10 on June 22.

How did they figure out the iOS release date?

Each year Apple shows the world the newest version of its iOS with many believing that this iteration will be iOS 10.

You see every year, Apple holds its World Wide Developers Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It’s in the keynote address that Apple has always taken the opportunity to show the new iOS. Apple continues to remain silent about the dates of the conference, but MacRumors took a little look at the Moscone’s website and found that June calendar completely booked.

Well, not completely booked but rather the website suggesting that the center is available form June 22 through June 30th. Thing is, you can’t book the space leaving MacRumors contending that Apple already has booked the Moscone Center to unveil iOS 10.

The Moscone Center has an agreement with Apple wherein the convention space is not allowed to reveal commitments from Apple.

Anticipation builds for iOS 10

I’m not afraid of repeating Apple rumors as it’s my job, but none of this is confirmed. Additionally, while I have repeated the speculation of others regarding iOS features but won’t add to that list today.

Suffice is to say, the last two iOS releases were hit and miss in reverse order. iOS 8 was largely viewed as a dog with iOS 9 improving over the iOS 8. However, iOS 9 presently iOS 9.2.1 did need a few major updates to fix a few proper problems.

The latest release last Tuesday added Night Shade and shortcuts for 3D Touch. So, Apple is really looking to hit iOS 10 out of the ballpark.

Moscone Center provides room for thousands of developers and the event hall used for the keynote generally sees a few spillover rooms completely filled with the addition of reporters in attendance to cover the keynote.

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