iOS 10 Jailbreak: How To Get Ready In Three Easy Steps

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The world of iOS jailbreaking has been rocked to its core this week, with the news that Google’s Project Zero recently highlighted an exploit within iOS 10.1.1. This led Italian hacker/security analyst Luca Todesco to take to Twitter, where he promised to publicly release an iOS 10 jailbreak soon!

iOS 10 jailbreak when?

Google employee Ian Beer discovered the exploits in iOS 10.1.1 being referred to here. As soon as he realized what he had, he made them publicly available, but so far only Todesco is promising a public solution.

It’s unclear when we will see a fully functioning iOS 10 jailbreak, as Todesco has not given a timeline, and neither has he indicated whether it will be a tethered or untethered jailbreak. However, given that he is a well-known and skilled coder, it’s likely the wait won’t be long.

If you want to take advantage of any future iOS 10 jailbreak, there are things you need to do. This is only advice which you can follow at any time. However, some of these preparations are time sensitive and require immediate action.

Downgrade to iOS 10.1.1

This first preparation is obviously aimed at those who have recently upgraded to iOS 10.2. The exploit that Todesco will use to create the jailbreak is on iOS 10.1.1. Unfortunately, it’s known to have been patched in 10.2, so a downgrade is a must. Apple will at some point soon stop signing 10.1.1, meaning that if you’ve upgraded, there will be no possibility of downgrading or taking advantage of an iOS 10 jailbreak.

Right now Apple is still digitally signing 10.1.1, so do this as soon as possible. This article may help you complete the process.

Update iTunes

Whenever you connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer, it’s always best to run the latest version of iTunes. Updating the software is a simple process, which, if you have it on your computer, you’re probably already familiar with. However, if you’re not, go to software updates on your computer and do it from there.

Back up your data

When you jailbreak a device, or better yet, a couple of times a year, whether jailbreaking or not, you should back up all your data. After all, if things were to go wrong, you could lose everything. However, having a backup means you are safe from such nastiness, should it happen.

Fortunately, with iTunes, Apple has provided a full backup feature. It doesn’t take all that long to do, and it’s a step-by-step procedure. If you read what’s on the screen each step of the way, you can’t go wrong.

Be patient

Because Luca Todesco hasn’t given any dates for when the iOS 10 jailbreak will be released, we’re sorry to say that patience is required. Probably the only person who does have an idea about when we can expected it is Todesco. There will be those who claim to know, but until you hear it from the horse’s mouth, take it with a grain of salt.

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