iOS 10 Concept: Features We Want To See From Apple

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iOS 10 is expected to make its debut in June at Apple’s WWDC keynote and whilst we understand that there could be new features for HomeKit, Apple Music and Siri. No one really knows for 100% sure what Apple will bring with this update however, it will be a milestone version for the iPhone and iPad.

iOS 10 Concept ideas

Over at they have become a little restless with waiting for the big announcement and have decided create their own iOS 10 concept, which includes a number of interesting features that we would personally like to see in next month’s official launch.

So what exactly did iPhone-Tricks come up with?

Lot of New iOS Functions and Controls

According to apps will get a new swipe down function, which will give easy control of basic functions such as app updates. This means that if you only need to have limited interaction with an app swiping down on it means that tasks like updating can be done from the home screen.

However, the functionality of the swipe down is dependent on what a developer wants it to do, so for example if you swipe over the Messenger app, a preview of the latest message appears. You can then decide whether to move forward and view the complete message or not.

Staying with messages, what if you want to open and view the message, but want to change the background color? Well now you can, you simply have to change the light mode of your iPhone. This can be done with a simple click you can darken the background and use a white font.

This means that with this concept iOS 10 not all colors get inverted and you can choose which reading mode you prefer. This all means more comfortable and relaxed eyes.

iOS 10 Multitasking

Please remember this is only a concept, but could you imagine iOS with true multitasking features! Well with a new multitasking mode or app switcher. You will be able to close all apps immediately with a single swipe. Furthermore, if you need to have more personalized notifications, you can now assign colors to each app so that you can always recognize which app you are getting a notification from.

Lock Screen Functions

Also there will be a lot more functionality within an iPhones lock screen, for example you will be able to view the weather without unlocking, choose and set and alarm and view notifications.

All in all iPhone-Tricks have some seriously high hopes for iOS 10, so much so that we don’t think Apple will provide all if any of these particular enhancements.

What would you like to see Apple incorporate into iOS 10? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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