iOS 10.3 Exploit Coming Soon Will Allow iOS 10.2 Downgrade For Jailbreak

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Great news, jailbreaking fans. An iOS 10.2 downgrade exploit is coming soon! Some of you may be wondering the significance of this. Why would you want to downgrade to iOS 10.2 from iOS 10.3.1? Well, iOS 10.2 is a jailbroken firmware which means some users who want to enjoy the extra features that jailbreaking offers may be interested in moving back to the previous firmware in order to jailbreak their device. Of course, none of this matters if you aren’t interested in jailbreaking.

The exploit has been discovered by Adam Donenfeld and he has indicated he may release the exploit prior to this year’s Hack in the Box GSEC later this month. This is definitely going to stir up some excitement in the jailbreaking community and you should be able to enjoy this iOS 10.2 downgrade as long as you have saved your SHSH2 blobs. We have outlined how to do that here.

So, how exactly does the exploit work? Adam Donenfeld and his team managed to find several iOS privilege escalation vulnerabilities that are present in all devices on the market running iOS 10.3.1. Again, this exploit won’t be useful for everyone unless they have saved their SHSH2 blobs in order to downgrade back to iOS 10.2. That’s why, if you’re the kind of user who wants to jailbreak their device, you should always save your SHSH2 blobs before you move on to a new version. Even if you think you might want to jailbreak but you aren’t sure, it makes sense to save the blobs just to be on the safe side. You never know what the future may hold, right?

If you do manage down use the iOS 10.2 downgrade exploit then your next step will be to jailbreak using the Yalu102 tool. There is likely to be plenty of debate about whether jailbreaking is even necessary in 2017. We won’t carry on that debate here. If you see the value in jailbreaking then you should be excited because Adam Donenfeld’s iOS 10.2 downgrade exploit should be released before the end of the month. If you’re not into jailbreaking then none of this news should affect you. To each their own, right?

We will be sure to keep you updated when this exploit is available.

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