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Investary Group Update Of 2015 by Investary Group

his year, Investary Group has not posted any content. As subscribers, many of you have wondered what happened.

We have some exciting news that we will be sharing with you all in the early months of 2016.

However, we do want to update on our existing calls that we made earlier.

Kandi Technologies (KNDI) was a huge disappointment for 2015. Clearly, the industry and geographic area was correct but the company does not have transparency. Therefore, we are throwing in the towel and no longer covering this company. It didn’t help with the turbulent Chinese markets throughout the summer. Take this as a lesson, investing in Chinese companies can be a very risky proposition. This position lost roughly 1/3 of the value since we made the call in the summer of 2014.

In addition, we are also no longer covering Cheniere Energy (LNG). We made a call at the height of the stock that the company would profit from the abundance of liquefied natural gas in the country. Unfortunately, the price of cruel oil has reached a 7 year low and the plans of Cheniere Energy exporting is not nearly as lucrative as our initial thesis. The stock has been cut in half since our call.

BlackBerry, was the our turnaround stock for 2014. The stock closed last year around $11. We want to reiterate that we are no longer covering this name. We believe the company’s future is grim given the direction the company is taking for this year. The company’s turnaround efforts does not seem like it will continue off from 2014.

For Yahoo, we are taking this company off our conservative buy list. The management team is too indecisive and it is unknown where management sees the direction of this company. Marissa Mayer has had for over 3 1/2 years and there has been little progress on the Yahoo platform. The acquisitions also has been weak. The only news about the company is about the Alibaba stake that the company invested many years ago. That is not where investors should put their money in.

Our price target for Apple has reached the $110 price target for the end of 2015. In the coming weeks we will be extending our coverage of Apple into the new year. We still believe Apple is fairly valued and investors should still seek value from Apple.

We also stated not to purchase Alibaba during the IPO. The stock has dropped off significantly while Alibaba is still trying to figure out how to combat counterfeiters on the site which makes up a significantly amount of business on the platform. We continue to stand on that position.

Going into the new year, we are conservative on the stock market. We believe there are still some fantastic opportunities and will be making a post 10 stocks to watch for in 2016 in a coming post in the next week. Subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t to get the latest information about Investary Group.

To a prosperous 2016!

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