Interview With Jim Coulter From The CNBC Delivering Alpha Conference

Interview With Jim Coulter From The CNBC Delivering Alpha Conference
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Following are excerpts from the unofficial transcript of a CNBC EXCLUSIVE interview with Jim Coulter, TPG Executive Chairman and Founding Partner, from the CNBC Delivering Alpha Conference, which took place on Wednesday, September 29th.

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Coulter On October

Stuff happens in October, and we've got government activity we've got a potential defaults so strap in, strap in. It's, it's gonna be an interesting time and more opportunities and risks.

Coulter On The AOL Moment

So I think about where we are as a moment, that's equivalent to AOL in 1990, the first internet company you heard about. Tesla was the first company that you may have heard about in the environmental area doesn't mean Tesla will end up like AOL. But it does mean that we haven't yet seen the Salesforce the Googles, of this wave.

Coulter On Big Tech

It feels a little bit to me like ’99 when I was sitting in San Francisco, and we understood the technology was coming and it was going to be big. Many companies got to the public market too fast. But in that moment Amazon was born and in moments soon after that Google was born. And then later, companies like Uber and Airbnb stayed in the private market for 10 years. So, I wouldn't be trying to think about what's to come. And make sure that I don't get carried away with this moment and instead get carried away with this era.

Coulter On Carbon Credit

thinking about a new currency, which allows the companies that are long credit-- long carbon and short carbon to trade, if it's done right, it's done with quality, I think it could be a very important development… I think Bitcoin is interesting but carbon credits as a currency is really interesting and important idea.

Coulter On Recession

I’ve called seven of the last five recessions, so maybe I’m calling too early but it feels to me like we're moving into an era where you can't count on that beta, and you got to deliver and where do you Alpha? You’re going to find Alpha in  disruption and change, and major waves in the economy.

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