Internet Media Rumors Getting Worse, BAC Latest Victim

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Internet Media Rumors Getting Worse, BAC Latest Victim

The internet has changed our lives forever without a doubt. These days everything is online over internet connection. The internet is easily one of the greatest educational tools out there because of its vast wealth of information.

Then Facebook came out which further changed the way we use the internet. Unfortunately, there are people that take advantage of being able to connect with millions of people. I am referring to the recent new trend of fake media announcements.

One of the most notorious offenders of this is Tommaso De Benedetti who used Twitter to release fake news. De Benedetti tweeted the deaths of Pope Benedict, Fidel Castro and Pedro Almodovar. He is considered to be one of the most successful fake tweeters out there.

When asked why he tweets these fake events, Tommaso De Benedetti responded with the unreliability of social media. A teacher in Rome, Italy essentially told the world that these social media sites were unreliable and terrible sources.

However, every other fake tweeter out there may not being trying to prove a point as much as make a mockery out of something. This can be seen plain as day this morning when a fake press release from Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC) was sent over the internet. The press release said that the bank was looking to change up operations and that it needed America’s help to build a better bank.

A fake letter from BofA CEO Brian Moynihan explained the new site and how the bank was going to change, so on and so forth. Essentially, it was protesting the bank’s operations and conduct. Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC) quickly made an announcement that the press release was a fake.

This just shows you there are two sides to an argument. On one side, a teacher tries to prove a point that Twitter and other social media sites are not reliable sources of news while another individual turned activist against Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC).

Regardless, these fake releases are confusing and lead to a lot of unnecessary speculation and fear. It just goes to show you that you need to make sure you are reading your news from a credible source and not from some guy on Twitter.

No doubt, these individuals will continue to attack the internet and release confusing information that, in the end is false. This is exactly the reason why I do not have a Twitter account; you simply just don’t know if you can trust what is being released.

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