Bitcoin Regret Calculator – Caveat emptor

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Many pundits had branded it a joke, with some of the most famous hedge fund gurus proclaiming that the cryptocurrency could drop to zero, but that is the (short) past. If one looks at bitcoin price chart it looks like the Dutch Tulip bubble, but the truth is no one knows for certain what the future will bring for Bitcoin or any other crypto will do. For now, the cryptocurrency has far surpassed the S&P 500 or probably any other investment available today. The cryptocurrency which is being hailed as  ‘the new gold’ by some, has experienced rapid growth since it was launched in 2009, especially in recent weeks, with one Bitcoin now worth over $7,000. We performed some calculations on this only a few months ago when Bitcoin was only $3500 or so but now we can do better with an interactive bitcoin price chart calculator which just launched today.

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"The huge growth in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been phenomenal, with many Miners’ wallets values increasing by hundreds of thousands of pounds, all in a 6-month range. The mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s founder, is estimated to be sitting on 1 Million Bitcoin. At the current market value of Bitcoin, this makes their wallet worth 5.5 Billion GBP. As Bitcoin values have skyrocketed recently, wallets are being created more than ever, and with a hard fork coming soon in the form of Segwit2x, (an alternate Bitcoin client that allows double the block size of storage), people are wondering if Bitcoin will retain the value it holds today. The interactive Bitcoin price chart calculator showcases what value a wallet would have today from the initial investment date, and the percentage growth since the original investment date to today. You can use it to experiment with the various changes Bitcoin has seen, and witness the massive growth in power Bitcoin has undergone recently.
Although Bitcoin is being avidly discussed amongst investors and financial experts, it’s important that all people know the value a Bitcoin wallet can provide, and what Bitcoin truly is. Bitcoin is a peer to peer form of currency. It isn’t regulated by any government, it isn’t controlled by large corporations, and will never be subject to inflation. It is steadily being more commonly used by the public, recently the first house in the UK to be purchased in Bitcoin was sold, and Bitcoin are even being used to purchase coffee. It could potentially revolutionise the way the world views finances, currency and trading."

Just how much could your wallet be worth today if you would have bought the most famous crypto, Bitcoin, back when it launched or in the early growth period and held onto it until now (unlikely, but possible and a few people have done so)?

With the cryptocurrency Bitcoin continuing to rise (quickly) in value, Clarendon London has just launched an interactive Bitcoin price chart calculator which lets you calculate how much an early investment would be worth today.

Prepare to be shocked and slaming your heasd against the wall  for missing to speculate or invest in the early days.
If you suffer from fear of missing out AKA FOMO, this probably isn’t for you!
Had you invested just £100 on the launch only seven years ago, when Bitcoin first became available, you would now be sitting on a fortune of £10.8 million, if you held on until today.
Yes, really that is not a typo! That’s how much the value of Bitcoin has grown in recent years.


Caveat emptor

Enter thedate and pounds or dollars in the interactive Bitcoin price chart calculator below to calculate what could have been!

Enter how much you made in the comments section.

Warning use the calculator at your own risk as it may induce accute trend-chasing, hindsight, and many other behavioral Bias traps

Also can cause depression and anger

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