Intel Corporation (INTC) Making Headlights That Work Perfect In Rain

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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) together with Carnegie Mellon University has developed a technology which can enhance driver vision during the rain at night.

Intel Corporation (INTC) Making Headlights That Work Perfect In Rain

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) with Mellon University has made a headlight bulb specifically for visibility at night, and this bulb uses a series of projectors. Sensors situated just beneath the projectors capture rain the moment it enters the beam of light. The sensors also determine the direction of raindrops when they fall in front of the light. The projectors will receive the data from the sensors and will avoid projecting light on the raindrop but will continue to do so around it.

Intel is facing some drawbacks at present with the new technology. One of the main hurdles in front of Intel is the projector itself as these sorts of projectors are not available.

According to Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), the time that the processing will take would be just around 13 milliseconds. What Intel claims actually is that one will see the rain drop near the top of projected light, but it will become invisible the moment it reaches the bottom of the light area.

At present the night vision systems are based on infra red technology, which allows seeing the objects on the road, and these objects are highlighted on the screen. It is dangerous to look at these screens, but with the system in process by Intel the color of the projector beam can be changed around the object to make it visible for the driver.

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has stated that the technology of rain adaptive headlights can be used on vehicles 10 years from now.

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) at present is undergoing a major change, and recently announced a new CEO, Brian Krzanich, who will be replacing Paul Otellini. Many  analysts believe that the new CEO is one of the biggest changes in 10 years for Intel Corp.

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