Intel’s $25M Guy To Make First Stage Appearance At IDF

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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)’s No.2 guy, Venkata “Murthy” Renduchintala, will finally get to show the world why he is worth $25 million when he gives a keynote speech at the chip maker’s annual Developers Conference this week. Last year, the chip giant poached Renduchintala from rival Qualcomm by paying him about $25 million. Now he is responsible for Intel’s PC’s, Internet of Things unit and mobile — essentially every business at Intel that does not involve building data center chips.

Renduchintala: a mysterious man at Intel

Until now, despite his high-profile position, Renduchintala hasn’t delivered any public speeches for the company. Citing some previous and present Intel workers, Business Insider says that even within the company, very few representatives have seen him conversing freely in the open. Renduchintala’s image in the company, despite being one of the most powerful executives in tech, is also mysterious due to his nature.

Renduchintala, who has been given the control of all the business segments, also enjoys the backing of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. In April, Krzanich told investors that he would be responsible for inspecting the final reorganization plan which included a 12,000 workforce reduction — the biggest in Intel’s history.

What will Renduchintala speak about?

As of now, it’s not clear what Renduchintala will speak about during his keynote, which is scheduled for Wednesday morning, but most likely he will share his vision for the businesses he runs. According to Intel’s website, Renduchintala will “discuss innovations that will drive the next revolution in technology as we shift to a truly connected world such as pervasive computing, cloud-like capabilities for compute, analytics and storage, and connectivity as the lifeblood of the Internet of Things.”

This sounds like the same old message he shared in a blog post in May when he expounded on why he joined Intel and where he sees the company heading. Maybe many will just want see his stage presence to see if he’s fit to lead Intel’s transformation, which has left many upset.

What to expect at IDF?

Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF) will commence with Krzanich’s keynote speech on Tuesday morning. He could talk on several topics, including how machine learning, drones and autonomous cars align with the chip maker’s broader strategy.

At IDF, the chip maker will talk about IoT, machine learning and virtual reality. The company will also introduce FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays), reprogrammable chips for cars, IoT devices, and servers. Intel is expected not to spend much time discussing its upcoming  PC processors code-named Kaby Lake.

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