How To Install watchOS 3 On Apple Watch Without A Dev Account

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With all the hype and rumor surrounding iOS 10 and a possible sighting of the iPhone 7 at this year’s WWDC, watchOS has hardly had a look in of late. However, this week at Apple’s developer conference iOS 10 was announced, but there was no sign of the iPhone 7. So apart from macOS, watchOS 3 was the star of the show and as we now know comes with lots of new features. However, like with all Apple operating systems, if you don’t have a developer account you can not officially get your hands on a copy!

Get watchOS 3 without a DEV account

Luckily, if you’re desperate to get your hands on a copy of watchOS 3, there is a way for you to do so without needing to have a developer account. However, before I go any further and tell you how do install watchOS 3 on to you Apple Watch there are something’s you need to know.

If you decide to go ahead and install this new beta OS, there will be absolutely no way for you to roll back the installation to an earlier version. So to be clear, once you have installed watchOS 3 onto your device. You will not be able id you discover that it is unstable, change back to watchOS 2.2.1. However, if you’re lucky the good people at your local Apple Store may be able to help, but that could mean you having to wave good by to your watch for a few days.

So, I have warned you and you know the risks of doing this. If you’re one of those people who like to live a little dangerously (respect), but follow these instructions to the letter. Oh, you will need a Mac, for a first-time installation.

Installing watchOS 3

To start with you need to download and install iOS 10 on your iPhone, don’t worry if you don’t have a developer account go and check out this How-To install iOS 10 Beta article I wrote. Once you have done that, you will need to find yourself a source for a watchOS 3 configuration profile. Doing a quick search on the internet will enable you to find one.

Now, once you have downloaded the watchOS 3 configuration profile onto your iPhone, you will need to select ‘Apple Watch’ as the device that you want to push the profile to. Next, you need to head over to the Watch App and navigate to General > Software Update, and then tap on Download and Install. It is at this point that the installation of the new watch operating system will begin to install, but be patient it will take some time to complete.

Make Sure Your Watch is Fully Charged

Before you start this process, make sure that your Apple Watch is fully charged, it needs to be at the 100% mark. Also, the device needs to be placed onto its magnetic charger from the start to the end of the process. Finally, do not use your iPhone during the OS installation process. And again, be patient this could take some time, however, once the process is complete you can use your Apple Watch as you normally would.

And that is it you’re done, but please remember, that other than going to an Apple Store with your Apple Watch there is no way to roll back the watchOS 3 installation.

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