India vs. China: Pakistan Onboard To Help Destroy New Delhi

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India vs. China are inching closer to an all-out military confrontation, with Pakistan onboard to help its ally bring down New Delhi.

Pakistan might get into a direct military confrontation with India after all. As Beijing and New Delhi are on the brink of war due to the border standoff near the Sikkim sector, Islamabad is ready to help its long-time military, economic and diplomatic ally with soldiers and weapons in case things on the Indian subcontinent spiral out of control.

As the state-run Chinese media reveals that China’s army has allegedly been preparing for a military confrontation with its rival for over a month, Pakistan – which is a long-time rival of India – might come in handy for the Chinese to destroy New Delhi militarily.

While Beijing and New Delhi remain locked in a tense standoff in the Doklam area in Sikkim sector, further conflicts between the two nations’ soldiers may trigger an “all-out confrontation” between India vs. China along the entire Line of Actual Control, as warned by a state-run Chinese daily this week.

China, which has fueled tensions by conducting major military drills in the remote mountainous Tibet region, is more equipped for a potential military confrontation along the border than India, as Beijing has reportedly quietly moved “tones of military gear” closer to the border under the disguise of the exercise.

China Points its Nuclear Weapons At India, Fears Running High

With the Indian government fearing that China might be ready to point its nuclear weapons at them to resolve the border crisis, more reports indicate that the Chinese are gearing up for a military confrontation with India, while Indians push for a diplomatic solution.

The border crisis between Beijing and New Delhi started last month, when the Chinese government launched a road construction near the Doklam plateau, a disputed China-administered area. India saw the move as its enemy asserting sovereignty on the disputed area, and reacted immediately by stationing troops closer to the border, and as accused by Beijing, even sending soldiers to the neighboring pro-India neighbor, Bhutan.

The conflict has become particularly inflamed this week, with China conducting military drills that have been interpreted as a clear warning to the Indian government. The month-long military stand-off between the two arch rivals shows no signs of going away, with an increasing number of state-run Chinese news outlets claiming that their government is ready for an India vs. China war.

India vs. China War: Things Could Get Messy For BILLIONS Of People

As India has been pushing for a diplomatic resolution of the border crisis, China – with its army prowess, as shown from the latest military drills – would make New Delhi look little in a potential military conflict between the world’s two most populous countries with more than 2.6 billion people combined.

Beijing has even reportedly quietly moved tons of military equipment while engaging in drills over the past weekend, which means the largest standing army in the world might be gearing up for India vs. China war if Indians keep blocking Chinese from constructing the road in the disputed area. The road is believed to give Beijing access to the disputed plateau, which is currently administrated by the Chinese.

Given Pakistan’s generations-fueled hatred towards Indians, the Pakistani government would most likely be onboard to help its long-time military ally – Beijing – engage in war if things get messy on the Indian subcontinent. With the already-strong defense ties between the two nations – largely thanks to the implementation of their game-changer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project – the military might of Islamabad and Beijing combined would pose a formidable challenge for the Indians.

Does Beijing Have Nukes In Pakistan to Target New Delhi?

A military confrontation with the world’s largest army is the last thing India wants right now, as the Indian parliament on Wednesday expressed fears of a nuclear India vs. China war.

Addressing the parliament, opposition leader Mulayam Singh Yadav warned that the Chinese may be ready to attack their nation in collaboration with Pakistan. “China has joined hands with Pakistan. It has made full preparation to attack India,” said Yadav speaking of the ever-growing military ties between Beijing and Islamabad lately.

Yadav even went as far as to say that China has nuclear weapons stationed in Pakistan to give it a better opportunity to target India with nukes in a possible India vs. China war.

The border crisis could spiral out of control any second, as earlier this week Beijing accused Indian troops of crossing the border in the disputed area just to stop the construction of the controversial road. More of such incidents could explode into a major military confrontation between the two rivals.

India vs. China War: Limited in Scope, Short in Duration

As Pakistan is no stranger to combating Indian troops at its own border, Islamabad could be willing to help Chinese destroy the Indian army if India vs. China war explodes on the Indian subcontinent.

Beijing and New Delhi have wrestled for leadership in the region for quite a while now, but they have mostly resorted to a heated war of words for decades. The ongoing border crisis gives the two nations the unseen-before platform to show off their military strength.

With the strong standing of the Chinese military in 2017, it would not be a wise decision for India to let the border crisis spiral into an India vs. China war. Beijing’s defense budget is three times that of New Delhi’s ($152 billion vs $51 billion). Beijing beats New Delhi’s defense capabilities in pretty much all of the fields.

In case India and China go to war, any military confrontation between them would be most likely limited in scope and short in duration, as New Delhi realizes that the Chinese army could wipe out the entire nation if things get out of control.

With China’s nuclear arsenal boasting more than 250 warheads, Indians have somewhere between 120 and 130 nukes. If either of the nation decides to take up nuclear weapons, it would be the most devastating war in history.

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