India Targeted China With Nuclear Program, Not Pakistan


Tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbors India and Pakistan is on the rise again.

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Nearly 68 years after the U.S. dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima, it seems that the exhibition of its massive destructive power has not discouraged some politicians from threatening to use nuclear weapons. In The Tribune, Danish Amjad Alvi argues that Pakistan was never the intended target of India’s nuclear weapons.

Nuclear saber rattling continues

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf spoke out on rising tensions with India. “We have not made the atomic bomb for occasions like Shab-e-Barat,” he said, alluding to the fact that Pakistan is ready and willing to carry out nuclear strikes.

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His statement was met with approval among nationalist sections of Pakistani society. A commitment to matching India’s nuclear capabilities has been present in Pakistan since the days of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who famously claimed: “If India builds the bomb, we will eat grass and leaves for a thousand years, even go hungry, but we will get one of our own.”

This commitment has arguably affected economic growth in Pakistan, and left the country indebted to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). India’s nuclear program was perceived as a grave threat to Pakistan, and justified huge investment in the country’s own nuclear weapons.

Course of history changed by nuclear proliferation

However it may be that Pakistan was never the intended target of India’s nuclear weapons. In fact, New Delhi’s motivation for building the bomb stems from the Indo-Sino war of 1962.

China won large amounts of territory from India as a result of the conflict, and India believed China was a continued threat. By developing nuclear weapons, India hoped to deter further attacks from China, rather than Pakistan.

Although this may have been the line of reasoning in New Delhi, politicians in Islamabad saw things differently. India’s nuclear missiles led to the development of advanced nuclear weapons in Pakistan.

Pakistan invested heavily in nuclear weapons

Nuclear proliferation can be seen as a chain of events set off during by the U.S. bombing of Japan. As World War II ended and the Cold War began, the Soviet Union scrambled to match the power of its ideological rival. Communist China also built the bomb, leading to India’s nuclear program, and thus Pakistan’s.

Scandalously, Pakistan also helped North Korea and Iran to start work on their own weapons, and Israel countered the Iranian threat by building its own bomb.

If Pakistan had not turned its peaceful nuclear power program into a weapons program, the country may have developed faster in terms of education and standards of living. Instead, the perceived threat from India led the country down a different path, the merits of which hawkish figures such as Musharraf continue to believe in to this day.

The recent nuclear deal with Iran shows that sometimes the benefits of economic development outweighs the supposed need for nuclear weapons. Not only does Pakistan possess the bomb, it has far more efficient warheads capable of exacting far greater destruction than those dropped on Japan.

A nuclear strike in the world’s most densely populated region would evidently be catastrophic. That does not stop nuclear threats from receiving widespread public support, and provides evidence of the ongoing enmity between India and Pakistan.

If both nations can agree to reduce or remove their nuclear arsenals, it would be a huge step towards lasting peace. However India’s lasting distrust of China is a huge stumbling block.

Geopolitical issues justify nuclear arsenals?

New Delhi recently asked Beijing to stop its activities in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar said that the presence of Chinese nationals in the disputed region is unacceptable.

“Government has also conveyed its concerns to China about their activities in PoK and asked them to cease such activities,” he said.

Increased Chinese activity in the Indian Ocean is also a concern for India. “China has also been deploying naval ships as part of their anti-piracy escort force in the Gulf of Aden since January 2009. It is understood that 20 such deployments have been undertaken till date,” Parrikar said.

A Chinese submarine has been patrolling the Gulf of Aden since April, and docked in Karachi to resupply. Chinese activities are constantly monitored by India, which is also concerned by the impending sale of 8 Chinese submarines to Pakistan.

Traditional allies China and Pakistan enjoy a close, cooperative relationship. The presence of Chinese nationals in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is likely related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which runs through the region.

The $46 billion plan has provoked opposition in India, presumably because it allows China to maintain a presence in Kashmir. Perhaps greater regional cooperation as part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will improve relations between the neighbors.

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  1. Agree to some extent.. but it was reportedly stated that Pakistan was created for Muslims who will have all the facilities without competition from elites from Hindus. There was several statement which clearly notes that this was created to separate Muslims from Hindus, as they can not live together, which was faulty assumption.

  2. Joke of the day: Nobel prize for peace are now going to COUNTRIES as against previously believed that the Nobel prizes shall be awarded to human beings.

  3. Any sane person can not assume earlier that Pakistan would be homeland for all subcontinent Muslims.
    The initial assumption was: muslim dominated states will be Pakistan; all other states would be India.

    People of subcontinent were free to join either country.

  4. Indian Muslim population is projected to exceed more than Pakistan soon if not exceeded now. Even then India has a huge Muslim population other than Pakistan and Indonesia maybe. But matter is not about exact figures, but it is matter of assumption earlier that Pakistan would be homeland for all subcontinent muslim, which did not happen.

  5. Everybody was Indian before division, so people living in any part of India had a right to ask about his land. What about people who had to give up their land and houses in both countries, didn’t they feel the pain. Partition was a political decision of elite and it hurt lot of people.

  6. I don’t understand your point that ….”we have more Muslims population in India than Pakistan”???When??? When were India had more muslim population than Pakistan? Any statistics?

    It would be interesting to know your theory based on your assertion that since India has more Muslims therefore the basic division theory was flawed???

  7. Dear ..war or no war , Pakistan has lot more troubles on economic front. Agree that Pakistan is stockpiling lots of nuclear weapons and is trying to become a state that threatens others with terror and war, in gloves with Chinese. I am just stating plain truth Indian leadership will never go for war with China, it will not fall in trap of pitting 1.2 billion people against 1.2 billion people. So they are behaving more maturely, they will not do knee jerk reaction and build on trade relationship, maybe then borders between India and China will become irrelevant.

  8. Just because someone hates as much as you hate them over internet, the reality is different. In cities and towns there is still lot of fondness for Pakistan in India and same is in Pakistani cities, as I hear from lot of my Pakistani co workers in US. I know this is not acceptable but still I will state that if this divide had not occurred, Indian Muslims would have become more vibrant and stronger. Indian democracy would have benefitted more from balanced views. Religion would have become private issue and not on roads, and most important of all millions would not have lost their lives as it happened in 1947.

  9. Indian felt that their land was divided/ snatched? It was their land? On the basis of what criteria it was their land to begin with???

  10. Lots of respect for Maulana Abul Kalam.
    Nonetheless, if I fall in the same situation today which was created in 1947, I will still opt for Pakistan and with that one man.

  11. Agree adverse feeling was on both sides. Indian rightly felt that their land was divided/snatched in the name of religion. We have more muslim population in India than in Pakistan so basic division theory was flawed. Maulana Abul Kalam was right in his assertion. See India has everything what it wants and Pakistan is need of engagement, if Pakistan doesn’t help the dialog process india can at best would ignore it.

  12. Indian public had an adverse opinion about Pakistan from the day one of its inception. These 26/11 etc are excuses they present to the world.
    Besides Pakistan is nobody to give Indian parties any room to manuver politically whatsoever!

  13. Nothing arrogance dear, World is driven by economy and today India and China trades close to 100 billion, unlike Pakistan China trade which is not even 5 Billion. For India pakistan is mere nuisance, it is Pakistani people trying to coming again and again in front. It seems you guys try to prove your existence which India would care less. Just clubbing yourself with China to show that you are something will not be sufficient.

  14. I love it when people are arrogant. It hits them in their face at the end of all things. Pakistan might have its problems, but come to a war, and India is waiting for a MAJOR surprise.

    China and India are going to be close friends? HAHAHAHA

    I really hope that you are not a part of any Indian think tank. Or it is doomed to fail in its predictions.

  15. I know that I prefer Maulana Abul Kalam over him. Maulana’s vision is coming more accurate on Pakistan. All Indians are proud of Maulana.

  16. There is adverse public opinion about Pakistan due to inaction on 26/11 and also open admission of terror support in Kashmir. So no party can survive if they are seen light on Pakistan. Pakistan will need to give Indian parties some room to maneuver politically, then only relations can improve

  17. Your assertion that ….. “Even If they wear mask of anti Pakistan in public for their vote bank”… I don’t understand this point. Why do they do that???

  18. Sometimes Indians feels that Pakistani media or leadership take everything on themselves. India is looking for safe guarding itself against Chinese becoz they suffered defeat in 1962. Indian army was not prepared.

  19. Unlike you .. I am an IITian myself and please don’t get irritated. IIT has very rare drop out as people who qualify are genuine. UP and Bihar have very large %age share of population and more than 65% is from low income group ,, that is why poverty and social evils more visible. I agree with you on poor people in Pune else where,

  20. And who checked your id? You mother? So all the IITs and IAS only Bhaiyyas qualify? You mean 0.01% of the population qualifies for something, that means other 99.99% are IITs and IAS qualifiers? So why are they cleaning toilets,streets and sell wares on the streets of Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Nagpur and rest of progressed India? Get over it, most of the people who qualify for IIT drop out, because they know how to take the test but don’t know how to cheat on real education.

  21. He did on basis of instilling insecurity in Muslim masses , by telling them that they can not compete. This came out to be completely false and Indian Muslims have thrived and grown to 20 % of India’s population and are almost performing at par with any other communities.

  22. Some body using fake ids… please debate rationally. Students from Bihar and UP are consistently top performers and are in IITs and IAS.. please do not insult ,, ok.

  23. Snatching and grabbing game should stop and both the countries should unite on economic and defense front and start collaborating, allowing free movement of people and goods.

  24. Dear Maharaj was forced by Paskistani attacks to look for support from India, agree that he was initially not inclined, but he did sign on dotted line. I agree that Hyderabas estate was not , it should be discussed, if Pakistan thinks that it has some case. But believe Pakistan has bigger headache in convincing baloch and Sindhis.

  25. China and India are economic rivals and soon they will be close friends. Whereas Pakistan is poised to be a nuisance that Indian public everyday wants to forget about.

  26. Agree to some extent, but what Pakistan is doing? Just think.. hidden Osama, sending terrorist in Afghanistan and India (kashmir in perticular to take revenge of 1971). It is blindly supporting Chinese annexation of Tibet and Xinxiang (where is muslim brotherhood, when China is settling Han chinese in Xinxiang?)

  27. Every country inhabitant thinks his country better than any other country . Even Indians thinks they are better than america and UK . There is no surprise when Africans say they are better than Pakistan , Pakistan is best in military having capacity to keep a six times larger neighbour on her toes !

  28. I think this is a far fetched view, please note that BJP party ( ruling party) has been more active on ground to have better relations with Pakistan, even if they wear mask of anti Pakistan in public for their vote bank. If there is a chance of Peace then it is now, if Pakistan gives some options of even statement of condemning and getting away from terror , probably BJP will have some room to maneuver in the direction of peace. As Hassan Nissar (eminent Pakistani) wants to see India Pakistan come close like USA /Canada in some kind of economic and military union, I support him for this view

  29. Well if it was signed then Pakistan can bring it up.. but then same principle Pakistan then need to stop wasting time and money on Kashmir. This proxy war has changed demography of Pakistani side of Kashmir with battle hardened Afghans having settled there and married Kashmiris.

  30. @m.salimullah…Yes that is my dream and reality of every Indian. Your dream is just futile and concocted by Devil. Has no basis.

  31. @azad…You mean , cleaning toilets, selling vegetable cleaned with gutter water,pani puri wallah cleaning his utensils with his urine and then using the same for pani puri, setting up a zuggi next to a nulla, doing his daily chores on a rail way track or a husband working in the low class jobs all over India and then finding out his wife is pregnant back home and distributing ladoos? Irony isn’t it? By the way UP is a bimaru state, they are the most backward famous only for filth, dirtiness, rape, dacoity, killing and human waste. It is a burden on India. If it wasn’t for the progressive state, this is wasteland by my standards I will make it into a junkyard. Low standard only applies to Bhaiyyas and Bikhari Biharis. Nobody else.

  32. Dear Moradabad, I set higher standard of ethical conduct for people of UP than the rest of India. I could be wrong. This I do on the basis of my experience with UP people who I always admired.
    Your response is way below that standard.
    Did I say anything wrong?anything Unethical, illegal, … Which annoyed you!!!!

  33. Junagarh did signed annexation treaty with Pakistan but India never accepted it. Rather, India attacked junagarh and captured it.

    The princes of junagarh exiled in Pakistan and died there.

  34. As long as pakistan exists there can be no switzerland in asia. i remind u of the new crisis tht has already approaching from ur near neighbour who has just send another LeT to enjoy a killing. plus with the emergence of ISIS.

  35. war is curse of God … nuclear bombs and nuclear war heads should be seriously condemned by the humans of this world… in recent times many countries got independence from many other countries… if people of any region wants there own identity they should be given fair chance by the mother country.. past is past… please look in the future how we can make it beautiful for ourselves and children of world

  36. Vishak Viswarm i know many learned educated indians i hope you please mind your language… see this rigid approach from indian side that they not willing to give independence to kashmir is inviting to unstability and showing rigidness and harsh approach of india on the issue which is the major reason of blood shed in that region… in recent times many countries got independence without single drop of blood bieng wasted.. i hope india will show esteem & class on humanitarian grounds and consider fair elections there is fair chance that india can win in many major parts of kashmir..this will bring properity to both human biengs of india and pakistan also people living in kashmir

  37. Hyderababd & Junagadh never fought for meregr with India. If Rtnguy is true, then why India attacked on these states? So please correct yourself by reading history, not reading the politicians. China is coming up. This fact has alarmed India. Since India cannot fight against China, India on one hand is trying good relationship with China and on the other hand seeking American help to crush China. Such dream will not come true.

  38. India got Kashmir by treaty with Maharajah fairly. India took to UN and has right to ignore it. Pakistan do whatever you can, nothing can take Kashmir from India.

  39. Two rogue and irresponsible country of the world, esp Pakistan which has less recognition than many African country and is a mere nuisance tries to piggy back on China for importance. Read history or at least read what your intellectuals say, Pakistan imposed all the wars on India and lost all of them. Similarly Chinese imposed war to teach lesson to India it was never India. And beware the great Chinese people still remember India as a friend for centuries and Pakistan will be mere a dependent nuisance nothing more… India is best served by ignoring Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  40. As the invading tribal Kabailis spread into the princely state, the Maharaja signed the Instrument of Accession to the Dominion of India on 26 October 1947. Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah had already reached Delhi on 25 October to persuade Nehru to lose no time in accepting the accession and dispatching Indian troops to the State. (Sheikh Abdullah corroborates this account in his Aatish e Chinaar (at pages 416 and 417) and records that V.P. Menon returned to Delhi on 26 October with the signed Instrument of Accession.)

  41. And what are you facing? Nuclear weapons! are they in your backyard? People come off from far off lands attack thru drones, kill your terrorist and they return to their countries. And you morons can’t even do nothing. Reality, please look up in the sky all the industrial satellites of the advanced countries and India are keeping a close eye on your nuclear facilities. Any unwanted move the whole world will “teach a lesson” for you to remember. Secondly why do you think India is sending so many satellites in the sky? Any bad move and pakistani nightmare will begun.

  42. “India has to divide into pieces” sounds good in words to porki ears, but in reality on the ground it’s Porkis could loose Baluchistan, Sindh, POK and Fatta region. Only part will remain will be East Punjab. That will be the best target for India to easily achieve. Highly improbable in reality.

  43. Who is not facing nuclear annihilation? US is facing nuclear threat from Russia, North Korea. Israel is facing threat of nuclear from Iran, India is facing nuclear threat from Pakistan, China….and you want that India should remain in fear, blackmailed by Pakistan, sending terrorists across the border.

  44. It’s not Pakistanis India phobia,,… It’s Indians Pakistan phobia.

    And it’s very evident.

    Reason, they are bitter about the partition!!!!

  45. India moved out 90,000 Pakistani troops out of Bangladesh to prevent their massacre there and sent ……. Joke of the century!!!

  46. Yes, India has had a great history of “secularism” when Indian tanks marched on Hyderabad and later on the Sikh temples in Punjab, resulting in the death of the Indra Gandhi dynasty.

    They have a lousy history of badly treating their minorities.

  47. India is facing nuclear annihilation from not only China but pissed off Pakistani generals who would love to avenge the 1971 war. Open your eyes.

  48. India has a lousy history of fighting major wars with its neighbors, instead of compromising. Nehru could have amicably worked out a border agreement in 1950’s with China and Pakistan when China gently asked to sit down with them and talk. Instead India chose war and received a major defeat with China occupying that border anyway.

    Now they won’t compromise once more and is about to face a major nuclear distruction from both Pakistan and China.

    As Napolean once said, the world will be different when China wakes up…that time has come. I wish the best to the great Chinese people. Long live Pakistan-China friendship.

  49. India understands that if a right of self determination is given to the people of Kashmir, others from Hyderabad, Junagarh & Sikh will also start their struggle for freedom. India has to divide into pieces. What she did in East Pakistan? She has to face the truth. Long live Pakistan.

  50. Santosh, you too speaak the same language as Dsouza. Everyone knows the atrocities in Kashmir. If people of Hyderabad, Junagadh are silent due to the Government pressure, it does not mean they want to live under Indian rule. Yes, if they stand, the Indian leadership will call it Pakistan originated terrorism. I do not want to open the Pandora Box, but ask for talks on Kashmir which is on UN agenda.

  51. Dsouza, You speak the language of the then Congress and now a gang of fanatic Hindus. They never accepted Pakistan and still they do not. The attack on East Pakistan (Now Bangledesh) in 1971 is a typical example. If Indian leadership is so honest why it does not talk on Kashmir issue which is on UN agenda. I think they do not accept UN resolutions like Israel.

  52. Pakistan took land from India simply because 1 man wanted power. Go figure. The British, Portuguese and the Dutch did not sail down here to visit a non existent Pakistan.

  53. Pakistan nuclear is not deterrence, but enable terrorism against India. Pakistan manage to carry out 26/11 Mumbai attacks, and was lucky to escape from India’s restraint, put by international countries. Pakistan thinks it can still carry out 26/11, by sending terrorists across the border, which it did recently in Gurdaspur, Punjab, where three Pakistani militants were shot dead. Pakistan tried to make it as the sikhs were rising again, against India, as the Indian army could not catch one of the militants alive in a 11 hour batter. Again Pakistan sent two in Udhampur, in Jammu area, where one was nabbed. Pakistan has been blackmailing India with the threat of nuclear. They think they can still carry out bigger attacks against India, with no shame, that the most wanted terrorists have been caught in Pakistan. Osama Bin Laden, Ramji Yousef, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad.

  54. But drinking Camel piss and eating camel dung is certainly not halal especially if you are a pedo worshipping sand niggar!!

  55. It was Nehru’s blunder that led to the Sino-Indian war of ’62. Notwithstanding the victory, China withdrew on its own beyond the McMohan Line, accepting it as an International border. Since then, China could have toppled India over many times but it did not, the equation being China does not want war with India. The current intrusions on the Sino-Indian border is at the behest of Pakistan, to draw India’s attention to the Sino-Indian LAC, thus giving Pakistan a free run in Kashmir. If history is any indicator, Pakistan is India’s natural enemy and that’s the direction India should pay more attention. China though a N-Power since ’65 never once mentioned use of N-Weapons on any country, even against its arch enemy, USA. But on the other hand, every time a Pakistani opens his mouth, N-threat to India is the first word coming out of their mouth. Indian law makers are living in an imaginary world. Indian hopes that Pakistan will change if it is helped to achieve better economic position is a myth. As a poor nation, it is giving N-Threats, what threats will it give if becomes an economic power?

  56. For a country that has lost 3 wars, humiliated and surrendered and lost a large part of their country after India liberated Bangladesh, you still seem to have a lot of chest thumping left. You seem to be asking more, glutton for punishment!!!

  57. Yeah, I have been hearing that nonsense for past 20 years. Pakistan has survived and will survive. U are free to have a wet dream all day long.

  58. So why, didn’t India with its 4 times the size and superior armed forces and supposedly way better equipped than Pakistan dared to teach Pakistan a lesson during the 2002 eye ball to eye ball confrontation. I guess u forgot the shortage of coffins the Indian armed forces faced for their soldiers during Kargil conflict. U may have bigger armed forces, but don’t think Pakistan would be cake walk for u. And stop demonizing Pakistan like India is an angel.

  59. Pakistan has NEVER been for peace with India. Actually, Peace is not in their vocabulary. All they want is grab more and more territory from India. Get the insane ISI and the Pakistani military under civilian control and things will improve slowly. But as long as ISI and the military control the civilian government, status quo will remain. U.S and other powers MUST impose embargo on Pakistan as they did to Iran and bring them to change their attitude. Otherwise, it will be a problem not only for India but the U.S., U.K. and other nations.

  60. The theory presented in this article is patently false as after 1998 Indian Nuclear Test, India Deputy Prime Minister L.K. Advani made a threat to Pakistan, which contradicts the theory presented by Danish Amjad Alvi, and supported in the current article. The fact is India wanted to be a Superpower, which considering their size, would be normal, except they just went the wrong way, and did not make the necessary compromises. I hope the leaders in two countries wake up, stop Nuke nonsense and resolve the issue, and work together to advance their Haplogroup, i.e. vast majority carries the same genes.

  61. Talk to people living in Bangladesh, Junagadh, Hyderabad , Manavader and find out what they wanted when the seeded to India and now. Atrocities were committed iin Bangladesh resulting in movement of 1 million people into India. India moved out 90,000 Pakistani troops out of Bangladesh to prevent their massacre there and sent them back to Pakistan through Indian territory against the will of the people of Bangladesh who wanted them to be punished for their deeds . These troops were responsible for rape, murder and torture there

  62. Lol pak does not have thermonukes, before war people will evacuate cities and india has thermonukes. So damage to pak will be much much more

  63. Lol india has hydrogen bombs which give yields in hundreds of kilotonnes. And india is investing in missile defence systems which will make nukes useless

  64. Nobody in Pakistan likes brutal kings. India had taken Hyderabad, Junagadh and Manavdar too. Indian leadership accepts its role in East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) too. History cannot be changed. We must realize facts and move towards peaceful solutions to all solutions. War is not a solution. India’s invitation foreign investment will not be effective if war broke out.

  65. There can never be any reconciliation between India and Pakistan because India is dominated by incompetent & garrulous fools ( the Brahmins, Banias and Babus ) and Pakistan, as its name suggests, by Shaitans ( LeT, ISI, .. ) who want to recreate the Mughal Empire and once again live off the taxes extorted from enslaved Hindus.

  66. Hope you know India has large coast line and Chinese sub marines are in Indian ocean. Soon you will sea Indians in south China Sea, both navies will be friends soon.

  67. That would mean China already knew every steps Indian military going to take before indian generals make up their decision, any wonder indian loss?

  68. When Pakistan is warned that Bangladesh was created under the so called MUKTI BAHINI(Indian soldiers)by using force.
    —Sir listen to M. Najam Sethi etc mukti bahini was result of rape of Bengal, hindus and muslims by Pakistani Army …not like Pakistani army in Kargil . Indian army intervened after Indira Gandhi consulted US , UK and russia.

    When the disputed kashmir is totally converted to power house and dams with out the consent of UNO/Kashmiri?
    –Kashmir belongs to India per annexation treaty signed by maharaj of kashmir.. rest all bogus.

    When Pakistan is threatened to give up Kashmir otherwise it will lose Baluchistan?.
    –Because Pakistan openly admitting funding terror inserting battle hardened Afghans and settling Talibans in POK.

    When innocent women & children are killed without any justification along the LOC?
    — Same is being done by Pak rangers to get terrorist inside India

    When a man now the prime minister raising the sword claims to teach muslims and Pakistan? He was refused US visa entry even winning majority votes as Chief minister?.
    — Proven to be political allegation, he was chief minister not a rogue on road. Dont get confused

    When Raw is constantly flaming the wave of terrorism in Baluchistan and funding self made Pakistani Taliban now under clearance efforts by Pakistani nation?.Every Taliban is telling the story about Raw training and funding.
    –Mere allegation no proof else Pakistan would have run to UNO. India has evidence and provides to international community at regular basis

    Now Chanda BIBI and the day to day dramas sponsored by Raw and then with a U turn.
    — Pakistani allegation

    Is the writer believe on social rights of a human being and that one cannot buy human beings like Kashmiris. They are free born men and women claiming their right of self determination(promised by UN and Nehru before the birth of the writer) the one like asked by men and women of subcontinent in 1857 against British regimen.
    — Pakistan stops interfering all will be good..take care of your baluchis

    Is the writer a civilized person with inborn justice taste that raping women by indian soldiers to suppress the cause of freedom among Kashmiri women is the worst crime they committed and committing.
    –Pakistani Taliban doing all that, when are you admitting that.

    As a sensible reasonable Pakistan has not responded to the above facts(STILL NOT ROGU). One cannot hide the facts by crying CHOR MACHAAYE SHOR. It is sensible to think and balance with cool mind what is wrong and what rectification is warranted before it is too late

    — This all is bogus as Pakistan is well known with Osama and other treachery

  69. Yes India will… Pakistan is nuisance and sooner or later it will crumble. Just like in NSG, China will have to support India in UN

  70. By the laws of Partition Maharajah of Kashmir signed annexation treaty with India which was caused by the attack by Pakistan on Kashmir. India got it legally, if religion is basis then whole Pakistan belongs to India as Indian Muslims are more in number than Pakistanis. religion has no basis in politics and Pakistan has to vacate whatever land it illegally occupies and also sold to Chinese.

  71. Dare to attack PAKISTAN :-) I don’t know PAKISTAN survives or not, but i am 100% sure that there will be a carpet nuclear bombing in India, If Pakistan felt any existential threat from India. :-)

  72. Pakistan is a 200 X2000 mile wide strip and will be wiped out in a nuclear war with India.Instead of having India phobia, Pakistan should accept the current Line of Control in Kashmir with minor adjustment as an international border with India which was the basis of Simla Agreement in 1971. Both India and Pakistan then can concentrate in fighting their common enemy which is “poverty”.

    Pakistan also should get out of the terrorism business and focus of creating a secular state which was its founder Jinnah’s vision. Once that happens, Pakistan may play an important role in the world.

  73. Rogue Nation ?
    Heaven for terrorists??
    When Pakistan is warned that Bangladesh was created under the so called MUKTI BAHINI(Indian soldiers)by using force.
    When the disputed kashmir is totally converted to power house and dams with out the consent of UNO/Kashmiri?
    When Pakistan is threatened to give up Kashmir otherwise it will lose Baluchistan?.
    When innocent women & children are killed without any justification along the LOC?
    When a man now the prime minister raising the sword claims to teach muslims and Pakistan? He was refused US visa entry even winning majority votes as Chief minister?.
    When Raw is constantly flaming the wave of terrorism in Baluchistan and funding self made Pakistani Taliban now under clearance efforts by Pakistani nation?.
    Every Taliban is telling the story about Raw training and funding.
    Now Chanda BIBI and the day to day dramas sponsored by Raw and then with a U turn.
    Is the writer believe on social rights of a human being and that one cannot buy human beings like Kashmiris. They are free born men and women claiming their right of self determination(promised by UN and Nehru before the birth of the writer) the one like asked by men and women of subcontinent in 1857 against British regimen.
    Is the writer a civilized person with inborn justice taste that raping women by indian soldiers to suppress the cause of freedom among Kashmiri women is the worst crime they committed and committing.
    As a sensible reasonable Pakistan has not responded to the above facts(STILL NOT ROGU). One cannot hide the facts by crying CHOR MACHAAYE SHOR. It is sensible to think and balance with cool mind what is wrong and what rectification is warranted before it is too late.

  74. Err.. you will find that Israel built the bomb because of the Arab threat back in the late 1960’s… Israel had peaceful relations with Iran until the 1979.

  75. India..Pakistan..Iran..Is Nothing compared to the Bomb in Making..AKA North Korea..They always want to do something silly.Change The Clocks.Make Absurd comments..They want to fight America.???With W.W.1 Hardware..Shows The So Called Leaders suffer from acute constipation..Poverty. Hunger Power Shortage is the name of the game..AL SAYEE

  76. Kashmir was occupied by India by force in 1947 and then India itself took the case to UN. Kashmir was declared a disputed territory by UN. The issue of is on UN agenda. Pakistan tried many times to discuss and resolve the issue. But Indian leadership always avoids discussion. If this issue is resolved the region will be peaceful.

  77. Pakistan & China Made For each Other ..They Only Listen To themselves No One else……

    Deaf For Others and Always Shouting ………

    Trying to take World Back Centuries By their Governing System..

  78. This is what India says that it is basically Chinese threat which forces her to arm. But in their hearts of hearts they arm against Pakistan, otherwise most of Indian Army is poised on Pakistan, border. Do Indians want to use Submarines against Chin along Himalayas mountains.

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  86. A Rogue Nation like Pakistan is Nuclear Strike capable this greatly disturbs the peace in World.

    Pakistan is Heaven for terrorists…Growing Each day

  87. Scandalously, Pakistan also helped North Korea and Iran to start work on their own weapons, and Israel countered the Iranian threat by building its own bomb.
    Scandalously — this is gross misinformation. Israel built its first a-bomb in 1966.
    No wonder Americans are so ignorant — their “media” is full of ignorant idiots.

  88. Pakistan is currently unable to feed its population with enough Arabic bread, so a question of toilets never arises because you don’t have to defecate when your tummy is empty.

  89. India defeated China in 1967 war, where China tried to occupy an entire state in the north east. I dont understand why nobody speaks about it in the international news.

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  93. Pakistan and India fought 4 wars on Kashmir Dispute and india was the
    one who first make Nuclear bomb and give nuclear threat to pakistan many
    times, Pakistan were forced to make there nuclear bomb to counter
    indian threat

  94. Pakistan and India both cannot afford war they both are struggling economies their policy makers know cery well that in case of open war they both will be back to under developed economies rather than bieng developing countries…example be like hugry guy f… the as.. of another hungry guy and both got faint… India can not CAN NOT afford to go in any sort of war against China even USA can not afford that at this point
    Pakistan and India both should leave Kashmir to the will of Kashmiris by voting under UN..they both bieng greedy and making there citizens pay because of Kashmir

  95. If pakistan uses bomb in the name of islam then India will bomb mecca take this in writing. Hindus know how to tackle muslims.

  96. Hehe, this sounds like an inane revenge article. S’matter Byrne? Got kicked out of China? Paks refused to give you a visa? Hope they did. You sound biased, prejudiced and extremely fishy.

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  98. As for the writer’s knowledge about the real situation in Pakistan today I regret to point out that it is woefully lacking in intelligence. Today there are more than three Pakistans in one (About 5 in 1). Pakistan desperately needs cash to feed its poor. China has seized on this opportunity. You know what its policy is “bartering yuans for land”. Here Yuan is regarded as a commodity. That’s one of the reasons why China’s stock market is crashing. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives and now Iran (and in the future Thailand) are victims of this policy.

  99. the truth is stranger than fiction. China initially captured a lot of Indian territory but subsequently withdrew to LOC. Reason remains a mystery to date. However a closer look at some Indian Jawans’ communications on the aftermath of the war in 1962 point to the fact that China was aware of an impending “surround and assault” operation on its troops who were not even aware how to coordinate a post-operation regrouping. Had not the Chinese withdrawn to LOC, Indian Jawans would have massacred thousands of PLA soldiers.


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  103. At first the topic and content looked genuinely good but then read the line “China won a huge amount of land after war with India” – China did not win an inch neither India lose an inch. Each country went back to their barracks and the line continued to remain where it was. Border problems with China did not come as a result of 1962 war. The huge amount of land the writer talks about is what Pakistan sold to China after wresting its control from India after a brief war with India right after Kashmir decided to join the Indian republic. Writer should get the facts straight it will only increase its credibility.

  104. This trash article is nothing but another Indian website, trying very hard to malign Pakistan – China relationship which they can not digest. By doing such acts they are only proving that they are nosey, overly obsessed neighbors of both China and Pakistan. The facts of the matter are also opposite to what write is trying to convey here. India from day 1 of Pakistan’s separation from India has been hostile towards Pakistan. It declared 3 unsuccessful wars on Pakistan. Now they are trying desperately to fool the world with such trash talk articles all over the internet.

  105. When India detonated the bomb in 1998, their leaders started threatening Pakistan and not China. To this date the venom in their talk is against Pakistan and not China. The Indians shell Pakistani border towns continuously and never Chinese.

  106. Gee Whiz Bud, and Red China did not lease a naval port in the Persian Gulf from Pakistan, and Red China did not lease Baljit Pakistan for 50 years and Red China did not immediately position 50,000 regulars in Pakistan to protect their lease holds, and Red China did not begin construction of a high speed rail line (courtesy US-Euro domestic use only licensing) from its borders to its Naval Base.
    Now India’s nukes can be targeting the Red Chinese and Pakistan, thanks be to Obama and his interest in dialogue

  107. This article is full China never won large amount of territory from India. India was a colony of England and England was trying to divide Tibet up and annex part of it. After the initial military gain against India, China actually retreated back to the Line of Actual Control. India was able to keep South Tibet which is a much larger piece of land than China was able to gain back from the English annexation attempt.
    While the author is at it, he should mention how the US was able steal Hawaii from the Polynesians, steal Guam from from Cham people, illegally buy Alaska (did the Inuits agree to be sold for $15 million?), and kill off the Native Indians on the mainland USA.

  108. Time has Changed..Outlook of the new inhabitants of these 2 nations is more broad minded.More emphasis is being paid on National Welfare..Look at North Korea. Still in the Doldrums.Just Like Stone Age..India and Pakistan are Far,Far ahead.In that Area.AL SAYEE

  109. Pakistan Was India At One Time.Grand Fathers Home Land Is India.Now They are 2 different countries..But they will maintain a close relationship no matter what. AL SAYEE.

  110. Articles like these are all about how the US wants to outsource its foreign policy to other countries. The US doesn’t want the risks so it wants other countries to take the hits and cost for them.

  111. It is only people like the author of this piece and some reporters who are creating some fear psychosis in peoples’ minds
    by writing some imaginary nonsense.In today’s circumstances many nations have nuclear weapons more as a deterrent than actual use in a war.It is time writers get more serious than spread fear unnecessarily.


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