Ikea To Launch Furniture That Wirelessly Charges Phones

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Ikea’s new collection of furniture is set to include a small selection of lamps and bedside tables that feature built-in charging spots. The new line, which is aptly named “Home Smart,” was designed to help people eliminate the need for cords. Lighting and wireless charging manager Jeanette Skjelmose explained that people don’t like the mess that comes with cable clutter. They also don’t like running out of power and not being able to find a charger. Ikea’s new furniture offers an innovative solution and added convenience.

A look at Home Smart from Ikea

The Home Smart furniture collection includes + signs which indicate that the pieces have charging capabilities. The furniture will also have to be plugged in to work. Those who don’t want to purchase new furniture but still want the charging capabilities have the option of purchasing charging pads that work with existing Ikea furniture lines. The charger works with lines including Hemnes, Nornas, Bravakin and others.

Alternative to buying new furniture

Another option involves drilling a hole into the furniture so they will fit an Ikea wireless charger. Ikea’s charging system is called Qi. The feature is found on select phones, including Windows Phones and Google-based Android Phones. It doesn’t work with the iPhone or older Samsung Galaxy S devices. Ikea plans on making special charging covers for iPhone devices ranging from the iPhone 4 to iPhone 6. The furniture company also plans on making covers for the previous three generations of Galaxy S phones. Once the case covers the device, the phone will work with virtually any charger, even Ikea’s charger.

Wireless charging products serve as a convenient alternative for charging phones, but they have yet to catch on mainstream. Ikea’s new furniture offerings mark a revolutionary move for furniture designers. It could likely inspire other furniture designers to follow suit.

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