Huawei To License NQ Mobile’s Music Radar Technology

Huawei To License NQ Mobile’s Music Radar Technology

NQ Mobile Inc (NYSE:NQ), a mobile internet service provider, announced that Huawei Technology Co Ltd (SHE:002502), the third largest smartphone manufacturer worldwide agreed to license its Music Radar audio discovery technology.

Huawei Technology Co Ltd (SHE:002502) will integrate the Music Radar audio discovery technology to its Ring Back Tone (RBT) services and application. The company is also the largest RBT supplier globally.

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NQ Mobile Inc (NYSE:NQ) said Huawei Technology Co Ltd (SHE:002502) selected its revolutionary, content-based music information retrieval (MIR) application because of its ability to provide a more streamlined user experience and increased accuracy. The mobile internet service provider is confident that its technology will increase customer satisfaction and sales through IVR and applications.

Music Radar growing rapidly

According to NQ Mobile Inc (NYSE:NQ), its agreement with Huawei Technology Co Ltd (SHE:002502) will significantly expand consumer adoption of its Music Radar audio discovery technology internationally. The mobile internet service provider said Music Radar is growing rapidly and recently reached a new milestone of 6 million searches per day since its launching last October 2013.

In a statement, Henry Lin, co-founder and co-CEO of NQ Mobile Inc (NYSE:NQ) said,  “The rapid growth and market interest in Music Radar is a testament to our belief that applications and services for entertainment search and discovery are increasingly important as our smartphones evolve into portable entertainment devices.”

Lin added that Music Radar is just one example to show the capabilities of NQ Mobile Inc (NYSE:NQ) in the underlying audio recognition technology. According to him, the company is well positioned to build on its success to meet the rapidly changing technology needs globally while becoming more useful and integrated with its partners and consumers.

Music Radar available in Android and iOS platforms: NQ Mobile

NQ Mobile Inc (NYSE:NQ) said Music Radar is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The company touted that its audio discovery technology is attracting high-profile partners in China and generating rapid organic user acquisition.

Other companies that agreed to license its audio discovery technology include China Mobile Ltd. (NYSE:CHL) (HKG:0941), TTPod and Kugou, two of the largest music players in the country. China Mobile integrated Music Radar to its Migu mobile music service brand.

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