How To Install New iPhone Theme Without Jailbreak

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If you’re interested in installing a new theme to your iPhone, which is a long-standing reason why people actually Jailbreak the phone. Unfortunately the wait for developers to come up with stable iOS jailbreaks is getting longer and longer and becoming less reliable.

So if you’re tired of waiting, there is a new platform called iSkin that can be used to in conjunction with your Safari browser to download and install themes on to your iPhone, without the need for a jailbreak. And in this article I am going to show you how to do it, so follow this tutorial carefully, and you will soon be able to customize the look of your iPhone.

How to Install a new iPhone Theme without a Jailbreak

If you don’t believe that it is possible to have themed app icons on your handsets home screen without a jailbreak, believe me when I say it is possible and all you need to do is read below. However, here’s what this will do and doesn’t do.

It adds new themed icons to your home screen, but it does not replace the ones that are there already. It just adds new ones. So basically iSkin is only going to add shortcuts to your iPhone without a jailbreak. And if you want to you will be able to hide all of the stock iOS icons in a folder on your phone afterwards, with the new icons replacing their functionality.

How to Select a Theme

Now that you now it’s safe to proceed without a jailbreak, you should follow these instructions and select a theme that you would like to install:

1. Open up the Safari browser and navigate to the iSkin website, do this on your iPhone.

New theme on iPhone without a jailbreak

2. Navigate the website and look for a theme, which you would like to download and install.

3. Once you have found a theme, I’ve used the Midnight theme by citydog123 for my example.

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4. Next you will have to select the applications button. Doing this allows you to choose what apps you would like to theme on your home screen.

New iphone theme without a jailbreak App icons

5. Make sure you tap on each icon that you want to select, and also make sure you give each app a name that corresponds to what it will replace. Look to the right and you will see a selection of text from which you can choose.

6. Now that you’re happy with the selection and names chosen, scroll down to the bottom and tap on the install icons button.

7. Next you should see a prompt box, it will ask you to wait for a few seconds as the installation is taking place. Once this part is complete you will be able to install a configuration profile.

8. Now tap on continue by selecting the blue Install button.

9. You may now be asked for a passcode, if you have it, enter it and tap on the blue install button again. And then tap on the red install button when it appears.

New iphone theme without a jailbreak install

10. Now that you’ve installed the icons, tap on the blue done button and you will be sent back to Safari.

11. Next when back in Safari, it will take a moment or two for the theme pack to be installed on your home screen. Look out for a green box that says “Installation in progress” this is how you will now everything is working as it should be.

12. Now give it a few moments and go back to your home screen and navigate to the last screen. This is where you will find you new themed icons.

And that is it; you have successfully installed new themed icons on to your iPhone without a jailbreak. Now you will be able to move the icons to anywhere you see fit too, oh and you may want to hide the old icon in a folder somewhere like I suggested earlier.

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