How To Download A Torrent On iOS 11 For iPhone

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Torrents often have a shady reputation associated with online piracy, but in actuality they’re an excellent option for downloading large files without limits to your bandwidth. Although most people usually think of the PC when discussing torrents, it is possible to download a torrent on your phone. While Apple’s phones are normally more restrictive than Android when it comes to downloading files, there’s now a way in the latest update to download a torrent on iOS 11 without jailbreaking or otherwise compromising your phone.

How Do Torrents Work?

As mentioned above, torrents provide an excellent way to download huge files faster and more efficiently. There’s a decent amount of technology behind popular clients like BitTorrent — but to put it simply, the program utilizes multiple users’ PCs at the same time to download files. While you’re downloading a program, you’re also uploading information for another person who is downloading the same thing. This combination of download and upload at the same time makes downloads faster for everyone.

While previously uninstallable without modifying your phone, it’s now feasible to download a torrent on iOS 11 itself. You’ll be able to enjoy faster download speeds and access to a wide variety of content using technology that was previously limited to computers.

How To Download a Torrent on iOS 11

The process of getting started with a torrent on your iPhone has several steps, but they should be easy enough to understand even for those who aren’t great with technology.

  1. In order to get started, you’ll need to download VLC media player for your iPhone. Simply search for the program on the App Store, and then download and install it as you would any other app.
  2. Head to your preferred torrent site. Chances are that you already have some knowledge of the torrenting scene if you’re trying to use it on your iPhone — but for the uninitiated, popular torrent sites are just a Google search away. Find the torrent you’d like to download, and then copy the magnet link to that torrent.
  3. Navigate to in Safari, paste your link into the search bar, and press the green “Go” button. It will take a few moments for the site to process your request, but you’ll soon see the torrent listed with a green colored download icon.
  4. Shortly afterwards, you’ll see a streaming page for your chosen content. From that point, you’ll be able to stream your content directly. However, if you’d like to download it you can copy the URL from the streaming page and head on to the next step.
  5. Launch the VLC for iOS app and go to the download section. Paste the URL that you copied in step 4 into the app and hit the download button. This, as expected, will start the download to your phone.

Once you’ve followed these five steps, you’ll be able to watch or listen to any file through the VLC for iOS app.

Torrents are great for large downloads as well for finding the content you’re looking for. As long as you have a basic understanding of the technology and what you’re getting into, it’s a great resource for accessing your favorite videos and music.

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