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How To Create Year In Review Video For A Facebook Page: Is It Available?

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Imagine: you’ve been a regular user of Facebook for years, both personally and for work, meaning that the social media juggernaut has done enough to attract you in both your leisure time and working hours. From a personal standpoint, you’ve just edited your Facebook Year in Review video and have shared it to your timeline. But what about the business page you manage? Can it get a Facebook Year in Review video? After all, you’ve spent days, weeks, months, and years perfecting it, and it would be interesting to see what interactions were garnered.

How to get a Facebook Year in Review for a Page

The idea of being able to pick and choose a compilation of your best-performing posts from throughout 2016 sounds great! The posts you could choose from, even though previously published, include those that your fans/customers interacted with the most. Adding at least 10 of them into the Year in Review could even give them a new lease on life, possibly reaching visitors to your page who missed the posts the first time around.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not currently offer this to Pages, so you won’t be able to give your Page’s content another lease on life. Instead, you’re stuck trying to find a way to regurgitate the same content in a different way.

Why no Year in Review for Pages?

That is the million-dollar question. We’re afraid there’s no easy answer. Instead, we can only speculate about the reason/s, with one being that Facebook somehow sees providing Pages such a tool as a negative. After all, it has spent a lot of its time over the past few year monetizing its platform and trying to make businesses spend more money.

We agree this is a pretty small-on-detail explanation. But you can bet that somewhere deep in Facebook HQ, there’s a document which states something like this. As for other reasons, they could be technical, like maybe the coding needed to create it is not yet possible. However, if such an excuse were given, we would beg to differ, as there’s almost nothing that a team of quality coders could not accomplish.

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Ask Facebook

If you can’t take no for an answer, you can go to Facebook’s community pages for help. However, you wouldn’t be the first to do so; in fact, it’s entirely possible this has been requested for years.

Having paid the pages a visit ourselves, we’ve seen users ask the question:

“How do I create a year in review for a page I manage instead of myself?” And we’ve seen this repeated many time, often without a response. However, when a member of the Facebook Help Team does occasionally respond, there’s no detail in the answer. Instead, the following is the scripted response:

“Unfortunately, this feature isn’t currently available to Pages. I would suggest providing that feedback to our product team through this form:


“Many of the product and feature changes we’ve introduced over time have been driven by feedback from people like you, and I know the product teams appreciate direct feedback such as this.”

And that’s it. The solution, well, the brush-off, you’re given is, “Go fill in a form.” Unfortunately, this means that you won’t get a Year in Review video in 2016. If that were possible, we’d already know about it. However, it is possible that Facebook will find some way to monetize it, and then that way be able to offer it to Pages as well.

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