How Promising B2B Startups Are Changing The Landscape Of Business

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The digital economy has helped to accelerate the innovative development of software and technology-based companies, aiding to provide solutions to many of the problems encountered by consumers and businesses.

A recent study by Mckinsey Research found that business-to-business or B2B companies consider digital interactions as three times more important to their customers than traditional sales interactions.

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With the rapid rise of digital tools and software, fueled by a pandemic and a remote workforce, business is now largely conducted online through means of video conferencing, phone, and web sales models.

Although some of the largest B2B companies such as Salesforce (NYSE:CRM), Snowflake Computing (NYSE:SNOW), and Unity Technologies (NYSE:U), among others have completely changed how we communicate and conduct business - smaller startups are taking center stage to provide businesses and their customers with solution-based models.

From big data, machine learning, and advanced analytics, some of these startups have more in common than what meets the eye. Through their capabilities, businesses are now able to improve productivity and efficiency, accelerate sales through improving customer experiences and boost their profits.

Recent estimates have found that the global SaaS market is set to be worth more than $436 billion by 2025, with 80% of businesses currently making use of at least one type of SaaS application.

Promising B2B Startups

Companies are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, and so are their customers - helping them to engage through digital channels and push the boundaries of innovative B2B sales.

Our first pick is Gong, a B2B sales tool that helps organizations through their patented Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform. The company has so far received more than $583 million in Series E funding, with further plans to initiate the customer experience through Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and software models.

Walnut recently finished off a Series B funding round in January 2022 with around 14 investors contributing around $56 million in funding. Walnut is perhaps one of the easiest SaaS platforms to use, as it’s 100% codeless and allows sales teams to create insightful, interactive and personalized demonstrations for specific prospects and use cases.

Further innovation by Walnut is a recent launch of “Walnut for teams” which is focused on sales teams collaboration within said demo process.

For advanced machine learning and account database tools, companies have found RollWorks to assist with marketing growth and align their marketing and sales strategies. For businesses, this could mean that they have better access to CRM protocols, which can track campaign performance, and provide more data-driven insights.

A recent Forrester New Wave: Account-Based Marketing Platforms, Q1 2022 report found RollWorks to be among the strongest performing account-based marketing platforms for the year so far. RollWorks has been gaining momentum as it caters to enhancing sales automation for sales teams and using data-driven insights to help companies achieve better ROI.

The B2B SaaS market is growing rapidly, and these startups, through a series of investment rounds have established innovative technology and software that can help companies and their workforce drive improved revenue and revolutionize the customer sales experience.