Hosni Mubarak Released But Banned From Traveling

Hosni Mubarak Released But Banned From Traveling
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Members of the Beheira Journalists’ Association staged a silent protest at the Lawyers’ Syndicate headquarters in the city on Wednesday to protest the killing of journalist Tamer Abdel Raouf, al-Ahram Newspaper’s bureau chief in Beheira. (Also see: Egypt Crisis: Hosni Mubarak Released)

Hosni Mubarak Released But Banned From Traveling

Abdel Raouf was shot dead in his vehicle at an army checkpoint after curfew on Monday night in Beheira.

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Hisham Younes and Khaled al-Belshi, two board members of the journalists’ syndicate, attended the protest.

Attendees held banners saying “No to killing journalists”.

Egypt’s journalist Abdel Raouf violated the curfew instructions

Egypt’s army spokesman said that Abdel Raouf violated the curfew instructions set by the state, and moved fast ignoring the calls made by the security forces to stop the car, which forced them to open fire.

Journalists are exempt from adhering to the curfew.

Abdel Raouf was returning home from an introductory meeting grouping the province’s new governor and journalists on Monday night when a checkpoint asked him to retreat in his car, said Hamed al-Barbary, the Al-Gomhoreya journalist who was with the victim when he was killed.

Barbary told Aswat Masriya on Tuesday that Abdel Raouf did not defy the authorities’ orders.

Egypt’s ecurity forces opened fire on the car on the Cairo-Alexandria Road in Egypt, killing Abdel Raouf with a shot in the head, even though he followed their instructions and turned the car around as they asked, Barbary said.

Egypt imposed a month-long state of emergency and dusk-to-dawn curfew last Wednesday following violence that swept the country in light of the interim government’s crackdown on supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi.

The province’s Journalists Association has sent its condolences to Abdel Raouf’s family and released a statement asking top army commander Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to open an investigation with those responsible for the death.

Mubarak banned from travel

Egypt’s former President Hosni Mubarak is on the travel ban list as he awaits court rulings on charges against him, a judicial source at the general prosecution said on Wednesday.

A Cairo misdemeanor court ordered Mubarak’s release earlier on Wednesday and cancelled his detention pending investigations into allegations of receiving gifts from Al-Ahram press institution.

The decision to release Mubarak is final and cannot be appealed, the Middle East News Agency reported the source as saying.

Mubarak was released after the court deemed the conditions of detention pending investigation inapplicable to him, especially after he repaid the equivalent of gifts which he received from Ahram, the source added.

Egypt begins investigations with Brotherhood leader

A judicial source said on Wednesday that a Cairo prosecutor has begun investigations with Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie at Torrah Prison, Egypt.

Badie is accused of inciting violence by the Islamist group’s Cairo office during the June 30 protests.

Safwat Hegazi sent to prison – security source

A security source from the interior ministry said on Wednesday that Islamic preacher Safwat Hegazi has been sent to Torrah Prison.

Security forces arrested Hegazi early on Wednesday while he was driving 29 kilos after Siwa in Marsa Matrouh.

Court orders release of Egypt’s Mubarak

A Cairo misdemeanor court ordered the release of Egypt’s former President Hosni Mubarak on Wednesday and cancelled his detention pending investigations into allegations of receiving gifts from Al-Ahram.

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