History of drones – From 1782 (Not a Typo!) To The Future

History of drones – From 1782 (Not a Typo!) To The Future

You heard of GoPro and other cool drone cameras but do you know about the long history of drones?

You’ve probably already heard about the incredible drone revolution – these little flying pieces of technology keep getting plenty of coverage. Whether it’s drone racing leagues, innovative uses of drones or how they’ve become part and parcel of entertainment shows – drones are everywhere!

As drones become ever more popular, they obey the same laws of the economy. As the volumes sold increase, their price is driven down, their technology becomes better and simply put, they become more accessible to everyone! And that’s what’s been driving the popularity explosion!

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But the commercial and consumer drone revolution has both an interesting, a curious and even a more terrifying past – the history of drones is extremely interesting.

It’s interesting to read and understand how drones tech has come about and how it has evolved over the years. Quite a lot of different pieces had to come together to eventually enable the current version of drones and quadcopters.

And, like most pieces of technology, a significant part of their development came from military use, with the technology then trickling down into everyday use, both commercial and consumer.

The following Infographic from DronesBuy.net fully depicts a drone historical timeline as it happened through the ages, from the initial unmanned flight (people were too scared to trust flying machines), to the current usage of consumer and commercial drones.

Still not hooked? Let’s ask you a few questions to rouse your curiosity!

  • Did you know that the first unmanned vehicle flight took place in 1782 by the Montgolfier brothers?

  • Did you know that the first military use of drones occurred in 1848 in Austria?

  • Do you know how Nikola Tesla played an important part in the evolution of the history of drones?
  • Did you know that the first drone with a “camera” was deployed at the end of the 19th century?
  • Marilyn Monroe was first discovered when working within a military drone facility?

  • Did you know that these days drones are being used to create spectacular lighting effects in concerts such as the Superbowl by artists such as Lady Gaga?

  • And what’s next for drones? A curb on their usage? Or a dizzying explosion in popularity thanks to “selfie drones” ?

Have a look at the infographic below, or to read the infographic to read the full article with the history of drones.

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