Hedge Fund Performance Pulls Ahead as CTA Returns Fall

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CTA Hedge Funds Return -1.65% In April by Preqin

The recent strong performance of CTA funds may have come to an end, with the strategy providing average returns of -1.65% in April 2015. With turbulent oil and commodity prices, these funds have generated returns of 12.00% over 12 months to the end of April, but just 2.48% in 2015 YTD.

Single-manager hedge funds, however, returned 1.28% in April and are providing YTD returns of 4.23%.

Other key hedge funds performance trends from April 2015 include:

  • Asia-Pacific-focused funds gained 5.18% in April, the seventh consecutive positive monthly return and the highest in the region since May 2009.
  • Emerging markets returned 3.70% in April, outperforming developed markets (-0.20%).
  • Funds of hedge funds continue their positive run with a sixth consecutive positive monthly return, delivering 0.30% in April.

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