Hank Greenberg Will Be Called To Testify In AIG Trial [REPORT]

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Fox Business Network’s (FBN) Liz Claman reports American International Group Inc (NYSE:AIG)’s, “Hank Greenberg is on the witness list for this week,” in the AIG Bailout trial and sources revealed Greenberg, “will be called to the stand by government attorneys.”

See the full report here.

On AIG CEO Hank Greenberg testifying this week:

“Sources say former AIG CEO Maurice ‘Hank’ Greenberg is on the witness list for this week and, these sources exclusively tell the Fox Business Network, ‘will be called Thursday or Friday’ to testify in what has become the most closely-watched case related to the financial crisis.  Sources reveal Greenberg, who sued the government through his investment and charitable firm Starr International, will be called to the stand by government attorneys.”

On when Hank Greenberg will appear in court:

“Mr. Boies’ media representatives confirmed to FBN they received a letter from the Justice Department calling Mr. Greenberg to Washington this week. Federal Claims Court is not in session today or tomorrow, due to the Veterans Day holiday. Boies, Greenberg’s lead attorney, considered among the nation’s strongest litigators and has been closely watched during the trial, as have government attorneys who are expected to query Mr. Greenberg about private solutions to the AIG crisis Greenberg has said he could have effectuated in a timely fashion. Sources tell Fox Business if Greenberg isn’t called Thursday or Friday, his appearance could be pushed to next week.”

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