Hackers Using Facebook to Blackmail Pakistani Girls

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Facebook one of the most popular social website in the US is also immensely famous in other countries. The social network is regularly used by a large number of people in Pakistan, including both males and females. However, females in the country are experiencing some serious problems, as a result of using Facebook and other popular social websites; some of them are now being blackmailed, leading to girls ashamed of leaving their homes and even in some cases committing suicide.

Hackers Using Facebook to Blackmail Pakistani Girls

According to the reports of Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), online offenses are widespread across the country specially a number of knowledgeable, decent and recognized girls are being targeted.

“About 99 percent of complaints are being lodged by girls that their accounts are hacked, and profile pictures are edited,” FIA sources unveiled. “After that indecent pictures are uploaded on Facebook and other social websites,” they added.

Furthermore, the hackers (or you can call them defamers) also create fake Facebook profiles by using the name of girls, and misuses these accounts by sending vulgar messages to close friends and family members of the person.

The FIA’s Cyber Wing Sindh in this regard have reportedly said that the attempts are underway to arrest perpetrators involved in blackmailing the family members of government officials, while they also claim to have achieved success in apprehending some of these criminals.

According to a recent study, there are around six million people that use Facebook in Pakistan.

In order to protect people from these kinds of activities, the Federal Law Enforcement Agency of Pakistan advised the people to be cautious while uploading their personal bio data on sites like Facebook. The agency warned people about uploading  data such as pictures and videos on social websites including Facebook.

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