GTA Online Launches But With Server Issues

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Grand Theft Auto’s (GTA) online version has been launched by developer Rockstar today, as per the schedule. According to the latest updates, the GTA Online version is now live in the UK on Xbox 360 (52MB download was required) and PS3 (a 39 MB download in required). In the U.S. and Australia, the online version is now live on Xbox 360 and PS3. Also, some of the early users reported logging in problems and server issues.

GTA Online Launches But With Server Issues

To play GTA5 online, a software update is needed, which can be found in the menu screen, accessed by the Start button.

Server issues

One of the spokespersons said earlier that GTA will be supported by the massive servers to stand against the load exerted by the players when a game is launched. Rockstar was well aware of such issues before launching the playable version. Rockstar said that, for the first few months, the focus will be on enhancing the experience as it will come out of the testing phase and go live to the masses in the real world. Further, the game developer is looking forward to a smooth run of the game, but has asked for support in case any issues arise.

Despite the preparations, various players are complaining of slow load times and lack of accessibility of Grand Theft Auto Online at all.

One user tweeted: “#GTAOnline isn’t even letting me go online just stuck at a loading screen saying “waiting for other players.”

Planned launch schedule for GTA

“We’ve received many questions asking for a specific confirmation of what exact time GTA Online will be available but of course this is contingent on both Title Updates becoming available on each console’s network,” Rockstar said earlier.

About the launch schedule, Rockstar posted earlier that they are looking forward for an updated version of the game on PSN and Xbox LIVE at around 7 AM ET and those interested can follow the updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Host of New features

The game starts with a story, which takes users to the game GTA 5. Game developer Rockstar has added many new features, which will save the player from ‘griefing’ from more unfriendly fellow gamers, when he or she visits a friend’s virtual home without fear of gang-related interruption or car getting stolen.

Passive mode has been kept under wraps by Rockstar, which is apparently introduced in the game, where a player can stop all interactions with other players and go for a shopping trip or car drive without being concerned of getting shot.

GTA5 will allow a maximum of 16 players to connect on the same game play session and participate in different actions like looting, co-op heists, races, gang attacks and sports.

One of the spokespeople said that all aspects of the game will be refined to make the play fairer and to do away with any balancing problems, but the developer is looking forward to hear feedback from the players of the game.

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