GTA 6 Release Date To Be Announced This Month [RUMOR]

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A cryptic tweet has got Grand Theft Auto fans all excited that details about the release of GTA 6 may be revealed this month.

Sony PlayStation Meeting

Sony’s PlayStation Meeting this month is a chance for the big gaming industry players to make appearances and discuss their latest projects.

One industry insider’s tweet has created a lot of speculation about GTA 6. Tidux, who is seen as a reliable authority tweeted a picture of a guitar, followed by a star, followed by the hashtag PSM.

The message is seen as a cryptic way of saying that Rockstar Games, the makers of the Grand Theft Auto series, will be at the PlayStation Meeting (PSM), and could be discussing release details.

If this is the case, then we can reasonably expect GTA 6 to be available at some point next year. Exciting news for those who have been waiting (not so patiently) since GTA V was released in 2013.

Recent versions of the GTA series have been released every four or five years so this would be earlier than expected.

False alarm?

There is also a chance however, that while Rockstar games may be in attendance at the PSM, they will not be there to talk about Grand Theft Auto. Instead they may be disusing another title in their stable, Red Dead Redemption. They could also discuss GTA 6 for the first time, while saying they don’t expect the release to be until 2018.

No-one knows yet what it all means. However, all is not lost if GTA fans do have to wait until 2018, as was initially expected. It is thought that if the release is not for another two years, that will give Rockstar the opportunity to incorporate virtual reality into the game.

GTA 6 rumors- virtual reality & female protagonist?

A further two years of refining and advancements with VR technology means that it is more likely to be incorporated into the game.

While Rockstar have consistently refused to confirm or deny any rumors about the upcoming release, there is still plenty of speculation surrounding the game.

It is expected that the latest release will feature a female protagonist for the first time. GTA V featured three playable characters, Trevor, Michael and Franklin, who were all men, so this will be welcomed by many fans. What is more, this female protagonist is likely to be voiced by the actress and model Eva Mendes.

The new game is also expected to feature improved graphics and enhanced gameplay elements.

It seems possible that the game will be set in the swinging sixties in London, England. Rockstar itself is an English company so this would make sense and be a shift away from the fictional state of San Andreas, based on Southern California.

Other rumors have suggested that it could be Tokyo or other US cities such as Houston, Texas, New York or Miami.

Grand Theft Auto Series

GTA V was the fastest selling video game in history, making over $800million in the first day the game was released and earning Rockstar over $1 billion over the first three days it was available.

The success of GTA online, and the revenues that has provided, may have taken the commercial pressures of an early release away from Rockstar. Whatever happens, it is probably the most anticipated game in history and therefore it is important to get it right, more so than getting it released as quickly as possible.

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