GTA 6 Development Underway: Map Completed

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Momentum is increasing regarding the next GTA title from Rockstar, with news on the development of GTA 6 beginning to flood in. There is no doubt whatsoever that this will be the biggest and most anticipated video game in history, as this monumentally successful series continues to increase in prominence, hype and ultimately profitability. With new information emerging on almost daily basis, here ValueWalk summarizes all of the GTA 6 rumors thus far.

GTA 6 development stage commenced

Firstly, recent reports have suggested that the development stage of GTA 6 is already underway. Indeed, there have been some suggestions that this is so advanced that the map-building stage of producing the next Grand Theft Auto instalment has already been completed. Rockstar North has also supposedly advertised for a mission / technical scripter, suggesting that the development process for GTA 6 has moved into storytelling mechanics.


There are already a raft of gameplay rumors linked with GTA 6, and among these is the notion that the game will offer more weapons and ammunition choices when it arrives. The ability to enter more buildings in the game is also anticipated, while whispers point to more flying missions being included in GTA 6 as well. Rockstar has also been reportedly tinkering with the online portion of GTA 6, and the remarkably successful GTA online universe is likely to be tweaked this time out.

Finally, there have been suggestions in some quarters that cheat codes could be reinstated for GTA 6; a popular feature of past titles.


Murmurings have hinted at more characters for players to choose from in GTA 6, and the rumors about a possible female protagonist have not died down. It must be emphasized that Rockstar has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of a playable female character, but the developer has discussed this concept in the past.


One of the most fascinating and difficult to predict aspects of GTA 6 is precisely where the game will ultimately be set. If the map building phase of the game has ultimately been completed, this obviously suggest that this has been decided internally at Rockstar, even if the video gaming community is still very much in the dark.

But some analysts have suggested that the idea of an overseas location has been canned by Rockstar; a decision that would, in all honesty, seem to be logical. Translating the GTA 6 game mechanics and ethos to another nation would not necessarily make sense, even though Tokyo in particular has been strongly linked as a possible settings for the sixth major GTA release.

If the game is indeed set in the United States, it is possible that a pseudo-Las Vegas location could be utilized. A version of the infamous gambling city was included in GTA: San Andreas, but it would be massively updated for its debut in GTA 6.

VR Support

One of the most exciting aspects of GTA 6 is that it could be the first title in the GTA series to feature virtual reality support. This is an interesting time for the future of VR, with Sony due to release its PlayStation VR headset by the end of the year. Indeed, a wide variety of rumors relating to the forthcoming PlayStation 4.5 suggest that Sony is producing this new console in order to deliver improved virtual reality functionality.

It has even been suggested that Rockstar could hire an external developer in order to update GTA 5 to be compatible with virtual reality as well.


It continues to be suggested that GTA 6 will also feature teleportation for the first time, with Rockstar looking to cut down on the amount of time that is required to traverse the game’s map. This could be a similar system to the one that was included in the Need for Speed release last year.

Bigger Map To explore

And the need for teleportation could be heightened by the fact that GTA 6 will contain by far the biggest map ever included in a GTA title. It has been reported that the play area in GTA 6 will be several times larger than the already massive map included in GTA 5, and this would be an exciting prospect for fans of the series.

Shatta Wale link

One recent left-field report regarding GTA 6 is that Rockstar has signed a deal already with the dancehall musician Shatta Wale in order for his music to appear in the game. In particular, the track KAKAI is mentioned, and it is suggested that this will be the first of many to be part of the in-game radio stations.

New vehicles

In another attempt to freshen up the feel of GTA 6, it is suggested that a wider variety of new vehicles will also be added to the game’s portfolio. There was already an incredible array of driving options in the existing GTA 5 title, so this hands at a phenomenally large stock of vehicles in GTA 6.

Big name actors

Rockstar has somewhat shied away from including big name voices in recent GTA releases, possibly influenced by a rather negative experience with Ray Liotta when working on GTA: Vice City. But reports are intensifying that the developer has reconsidered this policy for the latest GTA release, and that several very familiar faces will be lending their voices to the game.

The strongest rumor in this department is that well-known Hollywood actress Eva Mendes will be appearing in GTA 6, and that she will indeed play the first female protagonist in the history of the series. Ryan Gosling, her real-life partner, has also been linked with GTA 6, as Rockstar considers spicing up the GTA 6 universe.

Release date

Considering all of the features and new functionality that Rockstar is expected to cram into this mammoth and extremely important title, it is suggested that the release date of GTA 6 may still be some way away. The production and release of this title could be further complicated by the console landscape, with possibly new Xbox 1.5 and PlayStation 4.5 stop-gap releases available by the time the game is available, and The Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 already on the horizon. Rockstar will also naturally wish to offer support to the existing PlayStation 4 an Xbox One.

But the game is expected to land on at least some of the systems in 2019.

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